Bentley Continental GT, GTC and Speed - TITANIUM Sport Exhaust (2004 on)


QuickSilver Catalogue

 Sys# BE099T

We have developed a new all Titanium system for the W12 Bentley and have completed final track testing this week at Goodwood.

When improving the sound, the 'W' Engines are quite hard to work with. Their firing orders mean that they have do not naturally have a wide range of notes (unlike the newest Lamborghini V10s & V12s for example).  

For example our newest system for the latest Veyron Vitesse, whose W16 engine sounds like two American V8s side by side. We can't make it scream like an Aventador but we can emphasise the enormously powerful presence - and that QuickSilver'ed Veyron is certainly thunderous.

On the Bentley W12 we have created a new internal design to keep the deeper note at slow speed but provide a greater range with a note that rises with rpm. Especially emphasising the deep 'bubbling' on the overrun which is a real feature of the W12.

The ultimate volume is not 'offensive' as we intend that the sound will reflect the power & luxury of this 12-cylinder Bentley.

Bentley have used a similar route on their exhaust for the new GT3-R.





QuickSilver have developed a Titanium Ultralight ‘Sport’ Exhaust System for the Bentley Continental Supersports.

This system has all the advantages of our usual Stainless Steel exhausts i.e. an elitist sporty sound with better internal flow, but we have also examined ways to reduce the weight to the minimum and in this case have used Thin gauge Titanium.

We offer our Sport or louder SuperSport option in Titanium. The Sport system is fitted to the video of the black Bentley and the SuperSport System is fitted to the grey Bentley.

Sport - Designed for the everyday and long distance driver, refined yet sporty when required. 

SuperSport -  Suited for the driver who enjoys his car mainly just for fun offering a distinctive sound.



An elitist sound - more volume throughout.

Bolt-On fit - Precision engineered.

Improved throttle response. 

Benefits all areas of performance.


SuperSport sound option availalbe on special request.


Standard System

32 kilos

(~ 70.4lbs)

QuickSilver Titanium

5.8 kgs

(~ 13lbs)

Weight saving

26.2 kgs

(~ 58lbs)


Bentley GT SuperSports - Sport Exhaust - Lars - Germany
Thank you for the good service!
The exhaust is good and the sound incredible.
Thank you,

Bentley Continental GT – Sports Exhaust – CB – USA
Just installed my new exhaust. Sounds Amazing!!! 
Thought you might like the video I made.
Bentley GT Speed - Sports Exhaust - Imran - Ultimate Audio – USA
A QuickSilver exhaust system finishes off the Supercoupe and gives an increase in horsepower and a lot of attitude.