Jaguar XK8, XKR and XKR-S 4.2 - Sport Exhaust (2006-09)




Jaguar XK8 SuperSports Exhaust – November 2010 – Ronni - Denmark
I am very very satisfied with the result after changing the exhaust on my Jaguar XK8 1996 to the QuickSilver SuperSport. Now it sounds like a SLR or a Lambo. 
The sound is a bit too loud when I am driving on highways but when I am driving slow in the city center and ESPECIALLY through tunnels and the hammer is dropped... Undescribeable! 
(I have been through every tunnel in a 20Km radius of the city, since the exhaust was mounted)
4 persons have complimented the sound of the car - Today. That is a bit above the average number of compliments per day. :-)
Thank you for good service, delivery and a very good product.

Jaguar XKR (2007) Sports Exhaust – July 2007 – Peter - Switzerland


Sounds great, will send you a video after my holiday.

Was fitted by my local Jaguar dealer, Emil Frey.



Jaguar XKR (2007) Sports Exhaust – August 2007 – VernonUSA


Thank you for your help, we will keep selling.

You make a great product even the Jaguar factory likes it Vernon