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23rd May 2016

Bentley Continental Supersport 'SuperSport' Exhaust - May 2016 - Steve - UK

Hi Paul,
I love the sound of the car now, much more fitting with your SuperSport fitted to my Supersport.
Kind regards,

Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 - 'Titan Sport' Exhaust - May 2016 - Rafael - Brazil

Hello Robin,
I wanted to let you know that the exhaust arrived today at my house.  I also want to thank and congratulate you and the QuickSilver staff for the excellent work and efficiency.  Soon as I install the exhaust I will upload a video to YouTube.

Ferrari 400i - Exhaust - May 2016 - Guy - Belgium

Thanks for the superb service!  I'll keep your company in mind!

Range Rover 4.2 SC - 'Sport' Exhaust - April 2016 - Cody - USA

Wanted to let you know I got my exhaust today, which is amazing.  I really enjoyed my transaction and can't wait toput the exhaust on.  You guys are great at online business.  
Take care, Cody 

Aston Martin V8 Vantage N430 - 'SuperSport' Exhaust - April 2016 - Jose - Brasil

Robin, just a quick note to say that I am truly satisfied with the new exhaust.  It has a polite and gentlemanly presence, which I think suits the Aston character better. Drivability and throttle response have also improved over the original exhaust. So, good job!
Best regards, Jose

Ferrari Testa Rossa - 'Sport' Exhaust - April 2016 - John - UK

Hi Robin
I wanted to pass on how delighted I am with the TR exhaust - exactly how I wanted it to be.

MINI Cooper S R56 - 'Sport' Exhaust - August 2015 - Umesh - London

Hi Robin
Apologies I've just got back from holiday myself as well so wasn't able to get back to you earlier, plus I conveniently lost my phone so haven't been able to take a picture yet to send back. The fit is PREFECT!!!!
Thank you so much for you and your teams hard work and patience to get the exhaust over. It sounds like a dream and the look is amazing!!
Will send a pic this weekend when I get hold of a new phone. If you'd like me to write a review or anything I'd be more than happy to oblige, just let me know.
Many thanks once again Robin!


Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona - Manifolds - July 2015 - JW - USA

Just wanted you guys to know that the headers came out fantastic! Great fit.....amazing.
Thanks for your help...look forward to our next project together!

Ferrari 308 GT4 - Exhaust - July 2015 - Tim - France

Dear Robin,
Just a quick note to say thanks for the service. We got the exhaust OK and finally got around to fitting it last week (not as easy as I thought – but we got there). Sounds great – quiet and civilised in town, but fantastic on the open road. Engine sounds smoother. Nice weight saving too.

Alfa Romeo 1900 Ti & Super Sport Twin System - Exhaust - July 2015 - Simon - USA

Hey Robin,
Exhaust system arrived. Looks great. They're fitting it up and tig welding it together. Once done I'll send you a pic. Thanks again for your great work.

BMW M3 E90 E92 E93 - 'Sport' Exhaust - July 2015 - Nico - UK

Just wanted to say thanks for the amazing job you guys did on my exhaust it sounds insane!! Had a lot of compliments saying it's the best sounding M3 and I have to agree. I've attached a link to a video I posted on YouTube, I'll post more tomorrow and I'll send you guys the link. Again thank you so much
Kind regards,

Range Rover Sport 5.0 V8 - 'Sport' Exhaust - July 2015 - Nidal - Saudi Arabia

Dear Robin
I would like to thank you first of all for all the hard work that you have done for me. From all the after market part dealers i have dealt with i have to say that quicksilver is the best so far and i hope that you will keep this level of performance and customer care in the future it was a pleasure doing business with you. have a good day and a wonderful life.

Aston Martin DB9 - 'SuperSport' Rear Section & Secondary Catalyst Delete Pipes - June 2015 - Mike - UK

Hi there,
Many thanks for the super sport exhaust and decat pipes, this thing sounds out of this world and it goes as good as it looks.
Kind regards,

Aston Martin Virage - 'SuperSport' Rear Section - May 2015 - Fernando - Spain

Paul, and Robin, I received exhaust. Now its sound, nice gorgeous, like a f 18 tom cat.
Sport exhaust is normal, supersport is extremely good.
Thanks everybody.

Rolls Royce Wraith - 'Sport Rear Sections - May 2015 - Andrew - UK

Hi Robin
Its sounds perfect, your team have got the pitch/tone Spot-On for the Wraith !!

Aston Martin V8 - Manifolds & Collectors - May 2015 - Zeno - Switzerland

Evening Robin,
Parts have arrived safely and seem to fit perfectly.
Thanks for the support. I will be in touch regarding the 365 GTC exhaust once ready.
Best regards,

Ferrari 550 - 'SuperSport' Rear Sections - April 2015 - Tristan - UK

Hi Robin, exhaust fitted and it sounds brilliant. Are you on what's app so that I can send the videos over?
Kind regards,

Ford Capri 3.0 Mk 1  - Exhaust - April 2015 - Raffella - UK

Hi Robin
Sorry for the delay, please find attached some photos of the exhaust fitted and running brilliantly. I would thoroughly recommend your
Company to any classic car owners who are worried about losing the original sound of their exhaust, mine is no different at all.
Kind regards,

Aston Martin V12 Vantage & Vantage S - Secondary Catalyst Replacement Pipes - April 2015 - John - UK

Hi Robin,
Just a quick, (belated) mail to say the car sounds fantastic after the fitting of the de-cat pipes. Just how it should always have sounded. 
Thank you for the recommendation and keep up the good work. 
Best regards,

MINI One & Cooper F56  - 'Sport' Exhaust - March 2015 - Stefan - USA

Hi Robin
I am in proud possession of a Quicksilver Exhaust for my Mini!
Thank you very much.
It arrived sooner than I thought it would, so thank you for getting it to me so quickly.
Looks awesome and I can not wait to hear what it sound like.
Nice touch also with the carbon fiber ring around the exhaust tip!
Thanks again and cheers!

Porsche 911 GT2 (997) - Titanium Exhaust - February 2015 - Bob - Australia

Thanks for responding so quickly. The system quality and sound is great. James who owns BPS auto has used your product previously and was very impressed as was I. 
Very much appreciated your assistance and very prompt service. I'll call in when next in the UK.

BENTLEY Continental Supersports - 'SuperSport' Rear Sections - July 2014 - Daniel - Beijing


I was in two minds as I use the car for a 50 mile A road commute mixed with some motorway work, but finally opted for the full fat, full flavour, supersports version! Fantastic results, took me a bit of getting used to though. The car is transformed, it now has a vociferous personality, it really talks even at 30mph! The transformation is quite amazing!


Maserati Bora - Exhaust & Manifolds - April 2014 - Raffaele - Canada
Hello Mr.Goddard,
Just received the Euro Sports system for my Maserati Bora and it is an amazing work of art , incredible level of craftsmanship.
... thank you for your attention and producing an incredible product.
Aston Martin DB9 Sport Exhaust - April 2014 - Said - USA
Hi Paul,
The exhaust and secondary pipes have been installed last week, and i wanted to send you a thank you note. The sound is amazing!!!
I'm very happy and satisfied, thanks for the recommendations.
I will send you a recording by beginning of next week.
Toyota GT86 Sport Exhaust - March 2014 - G - UK
Last year you have developed the GT86 sport exhaust system, since a year has gone I still get excited everytime I step inside the car knowing I'm getting entertainment from the joyful note from the exhaust system.
It certainly have been turning a few heads as I drove by.
Now Im ready for more......
Aston Martin Rapide - Sports system & Secondary Catalyst pipes - March 2014 - C - Canada
...I actually heard the car myself yesterday on my afternoon break. I could hear the car driving around a little aggressively through the buildings, but wasn’t sure what it was. So I assumed it was a Ferrari or Lamborghini with the crackle on downshifts. As soon as it came into view I knew it was our car.
That combination of the secondary cat deletes and the sport system on the Rapide is awesome!
On idle and cruise the car had a nice rumble that isn’t intrusive, but at soon as he cracked the throttle it sounded perfect!
Good work once again on designing that system!!
All the best
Range Rover Sport - February 2014 - Custodio - Angola
Hey guys it's Custodio again, just to let u know that i'm very satisfied with your exhaust in my Range Rover Sport.
I would like an information about the exhaust for the Evoque.
Mini Countryman Cooper S Sports Exhaust - February 2014 - Andri - Singapore
Hi Paul,
exhaust installed on my mini and it sounds awesome, i love it !!!! i made a good call for quicksilver.
Thanks for your great communication as well.
Jaguar XKR 5.0 SuperSport Exhaust - January 2014 - Alton - UK
AWESOME! ABSOLUTELY AWESOME! EPIC! My local indy dealer fitted the performance sports to my XK/R and I laugh out loud every time I drive it. Wonderful deep woofles, with cracks, bangs and pops on overrun. 1000% improved over the stock exhaust. You guys rock!
Lamborghini Countach - January 2014 - Braset - Norway
Hello. I'm very pleased with my QuickSilver sports exhaust system I bought for my Countach two years ago.
Can you give me a good price on this (Mini Cooper S) too ?
Maserati Merak Exhaust - January 2014 - Michel - Belgium
Hello Paul !
Thank you for this beautiful exhaust - Maserati Merak
And for you and Quicksilver team, a Very happy new year!!
Best regards.
Aston Martin V8 Vantage S (2013) 2nd Cat Delete Pipes- September 2013 - LW - UK
After owning a 2012 V8 Vantage for a couple of months the standard OEM exhaust didn’t have the sound I was expecting from a V8 and especially an Aston.
I had the fuse removed to give it a bit more grunt but it still lacked a true V8 Rumble.
I spoke to the guys at QuickSiver and discussed the kind of sound I was after and they recommended the SuperSport-plus rear section
They put me in touch with a local Aston dealer that could fit it for me and it was delivered next day and fitted
The sound from the exhaust was fantastic and the weight saving noticeable on performance
After a couple of weeks driving around, I was still hankering after a deeper sound and a little more throttle response
Back on the phone to QuickSilver and again the guys were more than helpful and recommended a secondary De-Cat
After a trip down to their development department, the De-Cat was done
OMG !! the sound is fantastic, the throttle note at 2000 Rpm is to die for, and has improved all the way through the rev range
Throttle response has improved 100% and the car now drives and sounds like an Aston should
I can’t recommend this company and products highly enough
Audi R8 V8 Titan Exhaust - September 2013 - SK - USA
Hello Chris,
I have to admit the exhaust sounded spectacular. Whenever I do a build for a client I try to invoke a certain emotion.
This particular client....when he took his R8 around the block for a test drive he had a grin from ear to ear.
Range Rover 5.0 SuperCharged 'New' (2014) - Sports Exhaust - September 2013 - Robin - UK
Dear Paul,
Congratulations. You've done it! And a fine job too. This is how the exhaust should be for this top-of-the-range car.
If you want any testimonials or pictures, I would be happy to do so.
All the best
Aston Martin DBS - Sport Exhaust - August 2013 - Dan - Canada
Hi Guys,
Just thought I send you a quick note from Engineered Automotive in Toronto.
We recently installed your Supersport rear section and cat delete on a DBS of ours and are very happy with product so we did a little write up on our site.
Cheers  Dan Pye - General Manager
Maserati Mistral - Heritage Exhaust - August 2013 - Alain - Switzerland
Hello Paul,
I have just received the exhaust system for my Maserati Mistral. A very nice job with beautiful welds!
I will let you know when it's done.
Thank you for your help.
Best regards, Alain
Aston Martin V12 Vantage - 2nd De-Cat Pipes - July 2013 - Ian - UK
Hi Chris,
The de-cats are now installed and performance much improved - very pleased.
Regards Ian
ASTON MARTIN DB7 - 3.2 - 'Sport' Exhaust - July 2013 - Mark - UK
See:  http://youtu.be/nHHF4zv5PwIA new video for you, took it through the Southwick Tunnel. Enjoy!!
Jaguar S Type R Sports Exhaust - July 2013 - Stefan - Sweden
I found you over the internet. This was the best choice.
Great customer support, and very reasonable price. The finish of the exhaust is immaculate and the sound makes my car such a pleasure to start up every time.
The perfect balance at low rpm with the distinguished sound of the V8 and at higher rpm very smooth. Good work.
Can be enjoyed at youtube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=73_hDr-Z3Sc&feature=youtu.be
Mini Cooper S Sports Exhaust - June 2013 - Joe - USA
I must begin by thanking Paul and Chris for their excellent service.
They made purchasing a Quicksilver exhaust system easy and professional. Shipping was rapid and everything arrived in excellent condition.
Thank you again for the excellent service and an excellent product. The sound of my R59S is now the proper sound of a Mini Cooper.
Jaguar XKR 5.0 Sports Exhaust - June 2013 - KW - UK
Hi Paul,
Install easy, sound amazing!
I think one of my friends will be contacting you soon for a system for his Bentley!
Will send video clips later!
Toyota GT86 Sports Exhaust - June 2013 - Mr A - China
Dear Sirs,
I have just had one of your exhausts fitted to my car [Toyota GT86] by Loong Wah Motors in Hong Kong and I was wondering if you could send me a car sticker if you have any. '
Your exhaust makes my car sound amazing and I have attached a photo of it too for your information.
Mr.A Anglesey
Aston Martin DBS Sports Exhaust - June 2013 - Neil - UK
Hi Paul,
....I've had your systems on all 4 Aston Martins I've owned and am likely to order a new one when I get the V12.
Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 Sports Exhaust - June 2013 - Jacky - China
Hi Paul
I love your exhaust! Thank you.
I had a questions on your secondary cat delete pipe....
Best Regards,
Mercedes SLK55 AMG Sports Exhaust - May 2013 - Ray - Ireland
Hi Paul
Finally got exhaust fitted today
Sounds fantastic......
That is very decent of your company and I hope to enjoy the sound for a few years to come
Was just on your site to see if you are making one for the new shape slk 55 as that will be my next car
If and when you make one be sure that the exhaust will be the first thing done
Infiniti FX50 Sport Exhaust - May 2013 - Andrew - Australia
Hi Paul
I received the order today, thank you.
We plan to install it later this week and will then evaluate.
I appreciate your high level of support and will let you know what we think after installation.
Ferrari 308 GTS QV Sport Exhaust - April 2013 - Luc - France
I've just bought the yellow 308 GTS QV that appears in the movies.
Several years later, the exhaust sounds 10 times better ! Just wonderful !!
Congratulations to the QuickSilver team!
Lotus Elise SC Sport Exhaust & Manifold - April 2013 - Gabriele - Roma
Hi Barry,
At the end I've bought the exhaust system (manifold and race-cat and the sport system silencer) for my Lotus Elise SC in Lotus Roma, your official dealer in Italy.
I 'm very happy!   Great sound and a very good sensation about the general performance! Now have a very proper sound!
The difference of weight betwen the original manifold and the QuickSilver one it's more or less 4 kilos!  Very good!
In total with the the silencer sport system 10 kilos less!
Kindest regards,
Gabriele Rotelli
Renault Clio V6 Sports Exhaust - March 2013 - James - Malta
Hi Barry
Silencer arrived yesterday and already fixed.
Sound is what I wanted not too loud - just enough.
Jaguar XJR Sport Exhaust - March 2013 - Robert - UK
Hi Paul,
Exhaust has arrived and looks the business. Thank you so much for doing it quickly.
Might be able to get it fitted before I go away in which case I will let you know what it sound like!!!!!!!!!!
Many regards
Mini Cooper S R56 Sport Exhaust - March 2013 - Cem - Turkey
Photos of my Quicksilvered Mini:)
And I'm so glad to making noise on the streets..( What a popping,:)) what a burble noise:))) )
There are many people stop asking me like where did you get this QS exhaust or how its make popping sound like this...anyway
Thank you again and I present my Mini Pictures to your Attention.
Sorry for my Dirty Mini
Saygilarimla / Kind regards
Mini Cooper S Sport Exhaust - February 2013 - Alex - UK Facebook
Great system it has to be said, good balance of performance, weight saving and a good exhaust note without annoyance at cruising speeds.
Massively better than the M*****k equivalent
Aston Martin DB7 Sport Exhaust - February 2013 - AMLDB - UK
Really delighted with my new system, thank you.
Clip of before and after fitting!!
Aston Martin DBS Sport Exhaust - February 2013 - Jim - Australia
Hi Mike,
The exhaust was fitted to my DBS last week - It sounds fantastic
The local Aston dealer did it for me - Techs said it is the best sounding Aston they have ever heard.
It’s awesome Mike, loving it.
When I picked it up, it was next to an Italia 458, which sounded like a toy next to the Aston.
Regards, Jim.
Range Rover (2002) Sport Exhaust - February 2012 - Mr W - Switzerland
Car sounds excellent. When on the motorway it is silent with no droning but when I put my foot down it has a great rumble.
Renault Clio V6 Sport Exhaust - January 2013 - Kevin - Scotland
Hi - I recently bought an exhaust from yous for my Clio V6 255.
I got the Supersport - really love the exhaust. it is magic
Thanks very much
Audi R8 V10 Sport Exhaust - December 2012 - M - USA
Thank you Paul!!
This is how a V10 sounds with a supersport plus!! Amazing!
Lotus Esprit V8 Sport Exhaust - December 2012 - Mr C - Italy
I just wanted to say that all was OK.
 The Engineer was impressed...  It is loud but the sound is very, very nice.
Thank you.
Aston Martin Cygnet Sport Exhaust - November 2012 - Tim - UK
....did the same to my Cygnet – Quicksilver is the way to go, even with a Cygnet.
Aston Martin V8 Vantage Sport Exhaust - November 2012 - Anthony - USA
Hi Obie,
Want to let you know that I installed a QuickSilver exhaust for my vantage and it sounds so much better than the stock. So please let the other members know that it's definitely worth the money.
Have a wonderful Christmas party on the 15th!
Mercedes AMG SLS Roadster - Sports Exhaust - November 2012 - Stuart - UK
Just to let you know I took the car up to the Cotswolds to drive it for the first time after the new fitting and it certainly does sound fabulous.
We’re posting to you today a disc with some footage of the car
Mini Cooper S (R56) Sport Exhaust - November 2012 - Charles - USA
System arrived on schedule and has been fitted.
Looks and sounds great.
Mini Coupe Cooper S (R58) Sport Exhaust - October 2012 - Sing - Singapore
How are you doing? I had fitted the exhaust for my R58 - it is awesome..... its cool sound and performance.
I have a friend who want to buy an exhaust for his 2012 Range rover Evogue type td4?
Maserati 4200 GT Sport Exhaust - October 2012 - JH - USA
Hi I have a 2012 RR Sport S/C I just purchased I am very interested in your exhaust for this model.
I have your Sports system on my 2005 Maserati Coupe and greatly enjoy your products and quality.
Lamborghini Gallardo Sport Exhaust - September 2012 - Alex - Netherlands
I'm very happy with my new supersport exhaust sytem for the Gallardo.
You can see the video:      http://youtu.be/T3A8nzodNAg
Aston Martin DB7 V12 Sport Exhaust - September 2012 - A - UK
Having been driving around with the new exhaust now for a couple of weeks, I must say I am extremely impressed with the new exhaust note, and volume!
I have actually witnessed a small boy with his hands over his ears as I accelerated up a hill, and though at first I was unsure of the loud pops the car made on deceleration, I have since been to a F1 Grand Prix and realise this sound is in fact quite normal!
Mercedes SL500 Sport Exhaust - September 2012 - Patrick - France
Suite à nos précédents échanges de mails, je réponds enfin à vos questions.
C'est bien le son que j'escomptais, un peu plus présent que l'origine, avec une sonorité très agréable, un peu rageuse en montant dans les tours.
Lotus Exige Sport Exhaust - August 2012 - Johannes - Austria
I have installed the exhaust system now. Everything fitted perfectly and it sounds stunning.
Bentley GT SuperSports - Sport Exhaust - August 2012 - Lars - Germany
Thank you for the good service!
The exhaust is good and the sound incredible.
Thank you,
Maserati 4200GT - Sport Exhaust - August 2012 - M - Bali
Hallo I have install the complete exhaust rear and centers section
Listen to this sound, a f1 sound in Bali - check YouTube enter, the fastest Maserati in Bali .. Enjoy
thx for this thunder and flashing sound super...
Renault Clio V6 Sport Exhaust - August 2012 - Kevin - UK
This exhaust sounds amazing on my Clio mk2 v6
recommend this to anyone with this type of car
It sounds magic you won't regret it
Aston Martin V12 Vantage Sports Exhaust - August 2012 - Jason - USA
I currently own an Aston Martin Vantage V12 with your sports exhaust. It is by far the best sounding exhaust note that I have ever heard.
Even the Ferrari people in my car club are blown away by my cars "start up". So I am confident that you will do great things for the (McLaren) 12C.
Please keep me informed.
Maserati 4200 CambioCorsa SuperSport Exhaust - July 2012 - Duncan - Canada
Well done!
Love the sound....gave me what I was looking for!
Would highly recommend the SuperSports for any fellow Maserati owners!
Duncan McIntosh Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Ferrari 308 GTSi Exhaust Sport Exhaust - July 2012 - Manu - France
L échappement vient de mettre livré. Magnifique!
A voir pour la sonorité...
Merci de votre proffessionnalisme ainsi que vos tarifs attractifs.
Je saurais en faire part autour de moi !
Bonne journée a vous
Aston Martin V8 Vantage Race-Catalysts - July 2012 - Andrew - Canada
Hi !
Cats sound great, customer very happy!
He upgraded air filters as well.
Question, do you have an exhaust system yet for the 2012 Porsche Twin Turbo?...
Please advise,
Healey V8 Manifolds - July 2012 - Dani - Switzerland
Hello Paul
First I want to say thank you for the great job on the Healey V8 headers.
Say also thanks at the fabricators from Switzerland.
Now I have two other cars...
Bentley 'New' Continental GT W12 (2012) Sport Exhaust - June 2012 - Manssour - Italy
Hi Paul 
What a great sound!!!
I love this perfect pitch of an exhaust at all levels…the low end burble and the high end rumble…
Job well done to your engineers!
Range Rover Sport 4.2 Supercharged Sport Exhaust - June 2012 - Dr D - UK
Hi Chris
Just to say how pleased I am with exhaust for my Range Rover – It now sounds like a V8 should & not too loud – just a good rumble !
Looks great too.
Lamborghini Aventador Sports Exhaust - May 2012 - M - Europe
Dear Paul,
Hope you are well…
Sound of Aventador's exhaust is amazing!
Good job!
....we wait other 2 Aventador exhaust when you think will be available to us?
Now I order one for Gallardo SL 570.
Many thanks & have a good weekend!
Aston Martin V8 Vantage SuperSports + Exhaust - May 2012 - Mark - UK
Exhaust sounds great, an immense Sound.
On first start up was shocked by the Sound
It certainly sounds the part and fit was fantastic
Ferrari F355 Sports Exhaust - May 2012 - Carlos - Portugal
Hello Barry
Regarding the 355 F1 exhaust, once again thank you for the urgency
Beautifull sound and excellent performance on the Estoril Track Day
Best regards
Maserati 4200GT CambioCorsa Sports Exhaust - May 2012 - NC - France
I put today the exhaust on my 4200 this is a pleasure to do, this exhaust fit perfectly to the car, no surprise, really perfect !
The sound is really nice, really better than OE ! You were right, the volume is not too high...
Will make a video soon
Thanks again.
Aston Martin V8 Vantage Sports Silencer - May 2012 - Graham - UK
Hi there
I bought a super sports rear box from yourselves about 3 years ago for my 4.3 Vantage.
This was swapped onto my new 4.7 two years ago, and it still sounds as good as ever!
What is the cost for the manifolds & cats, and do these replace the existing parts, or will I need new pipe work in between?
Many thanks
Mercedes AMG SL65 Black Series Sport Exhaust - May 2012 - Jovan - Monaco
Hi Paul!
Here i have a new video, this is maybe interesting for you.
I have so much fun with this exhausts. Look specialy at 0:44min
Bentley Continental GT Sports Exhaust - May 2012 - Laurent - Switzerland
Hi Paul,
I bought an exhaust system for my Continental GT last year
It's just perfect, thanks a lot!!!
I sold this car and I buy a Mercedes ML63 AMG (2006)
Did you have an exhaust system for my ML???
Thanks for your answer
Jaguar XKR 5.0 Sport Exhaust - April 2012 - CA - Canada
Thx. Chris
I have to say my satisfaction level with what was/is an already superb vehicle bumped up way beyond the simple expectation of decibels.
Being able to finally hear the engine when I accelerate and to marvel each time it burbles away as I roll up to a stop, it’s a gas.
McLaren SLR Sports Exhaust - April 2012 - Daniele - Switzerland
Dear Chris
I would. Like to tell you that we mount the SLR exhausts and they are INCREDIBLE!!! You do a fantastic job!!!
I also contact you in order to send me your sticker to put on the car during the 2012 gumball N.Y. To L.A.
So i can make many photos and send it to you... Maybe you can put on your website !!!
If this can be ok for you, you can send them to my flat in London
Thanks again
Audi R8 - SuperSports Exhaust - April 2012 - Jamie - UK
You exhaust is awesome
I took the car for service to Audi Tetbury and they said it sounds brilliant too.
Honda NSX Exhaust - April 2012 - Tim - UK
Just to say that your NSX system looked and fitted brilliantly!
I will email some photos next time the covers are off.
Mercedes AMG SL65 Black Series Sport Exhaust - April 2012 - Jovan - Switzerland
Hi Paul,
Thank you for this incredible thing.
This is the result :
BMW 2002 Exhaust - April 2012 & June 1993 - Dr RS - Switzerland
Dear Mr Goddard
I apologise for the late response to thank you for your kindness and generosity to remanufacture, after so many years, the downpipe for my BMW.
Aston Martin DB9 Sports Exhaust - April 2012 - Mats - Sweden
Hi Chris,
The DB9 arrived yesterday and the customer is very pleased with the outcome of the change!!!
Lamborghini Gallardo LP 550-2 Sport Exhaust  - March 2012 - Farbod - USA
Hi Paul,
I just got the exhaust installed and it is absolutely amazing sounding, just what I wanted.
I have plenty of pics.
Jaguar XKR 5.0 Sports Exhaust - March 2012 - Chris - Canada
Woke the parking attendant up this morning. Probably thought the building was under attack.
Have to say it’s virtually indistinguishable from Stock when rolling down the city streets - until I dip into the throttle. Then all hell breaks loose just like I want and expected.
The install went without a hitch. Looks great. Sounds great, just like a 510 HP GT automobile should.
On start-up, everyone from the Dealership came into the service area to find out what we were up to. A good time was had by all.
I would have guessed the weight savings to be more than advertized, given the massive size of various parts removed. Check your scales.
Wife hasn’t yelled at me. Yet. Easier to ask for forgiveness than permission when it comes to such foolish pleasures.
Thanks and continued success to you and your Team.
Mercedes SLS Sports Exhaust - February 2012 - KR - China
Hi Chris
I have a customer here with a 2012 Benz AMG G55, and would like some pipes to replace the huge factory mufflers on each side.
The SLS AMG system I got last time sounds awesome, so was hoping to make this G55 sound as good as that.
ASA 1000 Spider - Exhaust - February 2012 - Pascal - Belgium
Hello Paul,
Thanks for the beautiful exhaust for the ASA
Mini Cooper S R57 Cabrio Sports Exhaust - February 2012 - Ceri - UK
Wonderful Thank you Barry,
Exhaust was awesome! Can't believe the noise it makes.
Many Thanks
Aston Martin V8 Vantage - Sports Exhaust - February 2012 - EVL - USA
Love the exhaust on my vantage v8 aston martin
Mercedes SLK55 AMG - Sports Exhaust - January 2012 - Kevin - Canada
On a feedback note, my customer already installed the system we bought for him and he fell in love with it.
Quality was A1 and installation was very smooth.
Big thanks to your production team when you get the chance
Jaguar XKR Sport Exhaust  - January 2012 - Philippe - France
Dear Chris,
I'm sorry to be so late but at least, I send you some pictures of my car with the new exhaust.
It sounds wonderfull ! this changed my car and I'm so happy of this, now people can listen to me...
The speed is also better and my car looks different now thanks to you !
I talked about you to many people and maybe you ll get new customers
Best regards
Philippe RAMBAUD
MG TF Sports Exhaust - January 2012 - Mr K - Japan
Well done, Quicksilver!
Thank you very much for your help on the MG TF exhaust.
The volume is not too loud and the tone is absolutely brilliant!
I am really enjoying it.
Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 Sport Exhaust - December 2011 - Hazza - UAE
Hey Paul,
Quality is perfect , installing was perfect , I give the exhaust 10/10
I've installed the exhaust everything was perfect
Aston Martin V8 Vantage - Race Manifolds, Catalysts and Sports Silencer - November 2011 - SLINC - UK
Hi all,
Been a while since I posted up on my addiction to upgrading the Vantage so thought i'd share the news about a big change of tack with the exhaust system.
Some of you may recall I traded in my previous 4.3 for a 4.7 back in the Spring.....

I collected the car recently and I'm absolutely overjoyed with the massive improvements across the whole of the performance spectrum.
Not only that but the exhaust note is now spot on. Although I went for the "quietest" of the QuickSilver silencers (Sports) it's distinctly more vocal than the previous Milltek with a deeper burble at tickover and a harder (goosebump inducing) edge towards the red line.
It's "crack cocaine" for the ears and since I took delivery the mpg has plummeted (constant bursts of acceleration) and the CD player has remained switched off!

SLINC - Pistonheads
Lotus Elise 111S Titan Sports Exhaust– November 2011 – T - Japan
“I have installed the system. It just is like a brass instrument!
Volume is reasonably loud, but it does not make it indistinct inside.
It makes some volume even on idling and the tone goes higher as you accelerate.  
For example..
Low speed = tuba
Mid speed = trombone
High speed = trumpet”
Maybe too many good comments!? but I love the tone!
Audi R8 V8 Sports Exhaust - November 2011 - Martin - UK
It sounds incredible, Audi were impressed by the fitment and amazed by the sound.
I keep getting videoed by members of the public. I will send you some video.
BMW 650 Sports Exhaust – October 2011 – R – UK
Awesome and fantastic
Lamborghini Gallardo LP570 Sports Exhaust – October 2011 - Masoud – Monaco
HR Owen finished their work well and I want to tell you the exhaust is fantastic, I am very pleased.
The power feels more linear and it sounds like a V10 should.
Dear all the team,
I have finally fitted my system and I can't tell you how happy I am with the sound and the quality of your product.
Both my LM002 and my LP570 are running your pipes. Keep up the good work and as said I will be back for the next one soon.
I have a huge smile on my face every time I drive the cars, u create a whole new experience to Lamborghinis.
A very very happy customer.
Take care guys
Masoud from Monaco
Maserati QuattroPorte Sports Exhaust – October 2011 – Kimmo – Finland
Dear Paul / Alex,
The exhaust is now installed and I am very pleased with the result - Thank you!
Mechanic who installed the exhaust, said that installation was a little bit tricky; the free space for the exhaust is very limited in Quattroporte.
But eventually it fits very well, especially at the rear end; I like the placement of the tips (it is good that they do not penetrate the openings at all).
And about the sounds... the sound levels at cruising speeds were - I would say - surprisingly low (for a Sports-option exhaust)!
Well, compared to the original system of course.. the middle mufflers were very worn out, all the inside parts were moving etc..
The exhaust seems to have that sharp "edge" at the higher revs - I could not test this thoroughly yet, the weather is very wet here in Finland at the moment, and I don't want to wreck the vehicle :-)
I will post more feedback (hopefully a video as well) to you later on, possibly next year, because winter is on its way.
Best Regards,
Kimmo Jokinen  -  Finland
Ferrari 328 Sports Exhaust – October 2011 – Thomas - Germany
Dear QuickSilver-team
I fixed the QS exhaust on my Ferrari 328 yesterday and did a small test drive.
I´m completely over overwhelmed! This exhaust is just perfect!
You can drive quite calm through the city and you can also have very much fun.
Driving along some rocks or walls the exhaust sounds very crispy. Slowing down the exhaust ist backfireing.
I LOVE IT! I had another 328 before. This car had a exhaust from a well known company. The car was just f...... noisy!
Thanks a lot!
Mini Cooper S R56 Sports Exhaust – October 2011 – Dr P – USA
I have been running the QuickSilver exhaust system for my Mini Cooper R56 for more than 2 years now and I cannot tell you how much I love it. 
It is a beautiful piece of equipment and one of the best modifications I have made.
I have attached a few photos of my car, 401 has the QuickSilver decal shown… 
Once again, great exhaust system and great customer service as well. 
I get compliments all the time on how the system sounds…
Bugatti Veyron Sports Exhaust – September 2011 – Will – UK
Dear Paul,
I just want to write to thank you for the MAGNIFICENT exhaust
It sounds like Mt Vesuvius every time I start it up and it makes all the windows shake.
Finally it sounds like a Hypercar !
One very happy customer
BMW X5 Sports Exhaust – September 2011 – Kevin - Brunei
Hi Paul
I have received delivery of the QuickSilver sports exhaust for my BMW X5 3.0D and it sure looks great.
I've just got it fitted and will send you pic’s of it in a while.
As for the video, I think I will send it to you once its seasoned a little but the start up alone sounds great with a deep tone and definitely put a smile on my face.
The finished product on its own is great too.
BMW M6 Sports Exhaust– September 2011 – Hisham – Kuwait
Dear Barry
I have replaced the stock headers with Evo headers and now the QuickSilver exhaust sound is amazing .
Check the link from YouTube and notice the security alarm going off the other cars around !
Aston Martin DBS Titanium Exhaust – August 2011 – M
Hi Alex,
Super sounds  (^_^)
Thank you lot!
Mini Cooper S Sports Exhaust – August 2011 – B&W - USA
Whoa.. that's my car!
I absolutely love this exhaust. The sound + the gain = :D
In fact I went to a car show about a month after I had this installed, and a guy with a Ferrari Enzo followed me for about a mile, through this car show, when I was leaving just to tell me how great my exhaust sounded. I was also stopped by many MINI people. I wouldn't trade this exhaust for any other one!
Thanks for putting my video for all to see!
Bond Bug Exhaust – July 2011 – Frankie – UK
The QuickSilver system looks and sounds fabulous.
It was easy to install and sounds so good it attracts even more attention than a Ferrari when I drive through the West End.
It seems to accelerate faster and have more BHP? -  but this could be just that it sounds so much better.
I just wanted you to know.
Maserati 4200 Sports Exhaust – July 2011 – Mon P - France
Et voilà!    Ouaouhhhh.... Quel bruit! Castree a l'origine c'est sur.
Pour eviter la comparaison avec les cousines! On croirait une f430!
J'ai l'impression quelle est plus sonore que sur la video de demo... Même sur!
Les pots sont anodises un peu couleur legerement or en sortie.
Superbe! Vu la meteo rentree au garage... Je ferais video qd il y aura soleil et un ou deux tunels...
Bonne journee
Aston Martin DBS Sports Exhaust – July 2011 – Andrew – Canada
Exhaust is here!
Amazing how fast this goes with you guys! No one can top it!!
Will send video/pics when done.
Porsche 911 (996) Sports Exhaust – June 2011 – Mon B – France
Ca y est les silencieux sont montés, belle finition !
Le bruit est très sympa, très présent lors des accélarations, et reste discret à vitesse stabilisée, c'est ce que je recherchais.
Ca ressemble beaucoup au PSE (mon frere a une 997 avec PSE donc j'ai pu comparer).
Mercedes AMG SL55 Sports Exhaust – June 2011 – Sean - USA
WOW-certainly worth the wait. I cannot believe the difference it has made, not only with the sound but also with the kick in acceleration.
Every AMG should come with your exhaust. My SL 55 was lacking something-now I know what it was - BALLS.
Thanks for giving me the toughest car in my area
Mercedes AMG CLK55 Sports Exhaust – June 2011 – James - UK

Hi - I just wanted to send an email to say thanks to you and your team for sorting out the exhaust on the CLK. I have had a chance to go on quite a few outings and all good so far!
The note is a refined rumble which increases to a fine crescendo when called upon and with the occasional hungry gurgle on the down change. A vast improvement on the old exhaust.
Best regards
Aston Martin DB7/6 Sports Exhaust – June 2011 – Mike - Holland
Dear Sir,
I would like thank you for the excellent service you have provided.
First of all the quality of the exhaust is comparable to the workmanship I see in the Aerospace and defense industry, especially the welding.
Your exhaust has changed my Aston Martin DB7 i6 Dunhill into a schoolboy’s dream, The Aston Martin sound has been magnified in such a way that I did not perceive as possible. I and my Aston Martin dealer were extremely impressed with the ease of fitting the exhaust and last but not least the sound.
Again I can categorically state that NO i6 Should be without this exhaust it has transformed the sound into a concert of gentlemen’s vigor.
In Parking garages strangers will ask me to start the engine and slightly rev it.
I will be delighted to convince any i6 owner to have it fitted. (Even having no shares or interests in your company)
Down side is;  I only drive it in sports mode and set navigation the long way round via tunnels.
Yours Sincerely
p.s   1 video is made.
Lotus Exige ‘Titan’ Sports Exhaust – May 2011 – Vic – South Africa
Packaging of the system from the UK was excellent with no chance of being damaged.
The exhaust itself is a work of art , beautifully made and finished.
What a pity it’s hidden under panels and heat shields...it really needs to be seen!
However if it can’t be seen, it can definitely heard... the sound is great, but loud....the car now sounds like what I believe a sports car should sound
Lamborghini Countach Sports Exhaust - May 2011 – Mike – USA
"I still can't believe how much I enjoy this exhaust!!!”
Opel Insignia Turbo Sports Exhaust – May 2011 – Ghokan – Turkey
I have installed your product to my Insignia Turbo. First of all you made a great job. J
Ferrari F430 - ‘Titan’ Sports Exhaust – April 2011 – Jose - Spain
I was with the F430 customer this weekend just after the service and exhaust fitting.
I just wanted to let you know that the exhaust is a piece of art!
Excellent quality and excellent sound, even in Ferrari dealership they were impressed with the exhaust.
Normally Ferrari customers fit ***** exhausts but the mechanics were far more impressed with the Quicksilver system than with ***** systems.
I have attached some images for your record, maybe good for the web.
I will also get you some good quality videos in few weeks, this system deserves much better media and presence, sincerely it is excellent.
Superb job !!
Kind Regards,   Jose
Ferrari 348 – Sports Exhaust – April 2011 – Nicolas - Belgium
Hello Quicksilver Team !
I've been recept the pipes today for the 348
So again , we don't have any problem for the assembly on any Car.
Thank you for your serious that you bring to each transaction
Kind regards,
Renault Clio V6 – Sports Exhaust – April 2011 – Marco – Italy
Hi Alex,
The exhaust is came and I have already fitted, very good quality and superb sound. I am very happy with it.
I appreciate very much your courtesy, thank you so much!
Best regards!
Marco Giamboni
Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Titan Sports Exhaust – April 2011 - Jakkree - Thailand
Dear Alex,
Thanks god!! your system sound is very very incredible.
Please waiting for next sale order ;)
Best Regards,
Volvo 960 Exhaust – March 2011 & June 2001 – Alastair - UK
Thanks for excellent service.
      FAO ALEX
Volvo 940 front box received Tuesday.
Great job! 
Alastair Stewart.
P.S. Can you give me a quote for a complete system for: 1966 Morris Mini Cooper Mk1 998cc engine. D suffix ?
Aston Martin Vanquish Sports Exhaust – March 2011 – Regis – France
Bonjour Mr Paul Goddard
Je vous ai commandé un échappement inox pour mon aston martin vanquish le 19 novembre 2010 n° 24512 ou je suis trés satisfait.
Je souhaiterais vous commandé un échappement inox pour mon aston martin vantage de 2006, qu'elle ai la différence entre supersports et supersports-plus ?
BMW 2002 – Exhaust System - June 1993 & March 2011 – Rolf – Switzerland
First of all I would like to thank you for your immediate readiness to replace the downpipe, even after so many years. I appreciated that very much.
Last week the two downpipes, old and new one, did arrive in good order at the address in Germany.
Over the weekend I mounted the SS downpipe to the car, which fitted quite well
Once again many thanks for your generosity.
With kind regards
Jaguar XFR Sports Exhaust – March 2011 – Henrick – USA
The sport exhaust for the XFR sounds fantastic - it's perfect! 
Harper Jaguar in Knoxville installed the exhaust for me ……
Mini Cooper S Sports Exhaust – February 2011 – Jason – USA
For the simple pleasures of driving, nothing beats a great sounding exhaust to me like just cruising through a parking lot or hammering it on an on-ramp. Quicksilver exhaust to me, is the best sounding and performing exhaust. Minus the fact that AT&T charged me over a dollar a minute to call England, the people at Quicksilver were very polite, enthusiastic, and very prompt with my order. They shipped it from England Friday, and I received it by 8am Monday Fed Ex! Install is a breeze, even if done in the home garage. One clamp to take off, then slip of the old exhaust, and install the new exhaust with a total of 3 clamps that includes the one for the tips! They even supplied pipe sealant to ensure no leaks at no additional charge. Not even my $1200 Corsa exhaust for my former Pontiac G8 GT didn't come with that! Packaging, fit, and finish was perfect and I love the sound! NO drone at all at 60 or 70 mph, quiet during top gear motoring, then blip the throttle and downshift and a great roar comes from the back. Turbo spools much faster as well and it passes emissions here with no problems in North Carolina! I made a video of my car today, it was around 65 degrees F and I've now had the exhaust with about 300 miles of spirited driving. Here is the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X_syPxk59N0 Overall, I couldn't be happier
Opel Speedster Sports Exhaust - February 2011 - M - France
I had one of your exhausts on my Opel Speedster Turbo. Sounded wonderful.
For those wondering ... the quality of Quicksilver was beyond reproach and its sound was fantastic: at part throttle, it made a very nice rumble but when you stuck your foot in it, she wailed. Made driving in tunnels an illuminating experience...:D:D:D
Do you have one for a CLK 350???
Aston Martin DB7 / 6 - Sports Exhaust - February 2011 - P - UK
Just collected my car from Rikki Cann's having a QS exhaust fitted. Nasty.  Filthy.  Dirty sound.

Love it
Mercedes SLS Sports Exhaust - February 2011 - Giovanni - Italy
Dear Paul, just fitted the exhaust!

Amazing sound and performance. its great!
In the production one you should play attention that it doesn't touch the trasmission. Well its not a big deal but it can make noise. 
I am sure in production everything will be perfect.
Anyway its great! Love it.
I save your email address so we keep in touch for other cars I will buy.

Mini Cooper S Sports Exhaust - February 2011 - Simon - UK
I had one of your exhausts on my Cooper S and absolutely loved it!
Can you fabricate an exhaust for a 2005 Renaultsport Clio 182?
Lotus Exige Scura Sports Exhaust - January 2011 - Fred - France
Hi Paul,
I have just received the titanium muffler for my Exige.... It looks marvelous.
Range Rover Classic - January 2011 - Jonathan - UK
I bought one of your exhausts for my Range Rover Classic many years ago and was very pleased with it...Battersea premises fitted it.
But to the present...Do you do a full system for a 4.0 V8 discovery 2 (2003) including CAT.
Aston Martin V8 Vantage Sports Exhaust – December 2010 – Mike - Australia
All went OK. I spoke to an Aston Martin dealership and got some advice... It all went on and the customer said it was "perfect".
That's what I like to hear!
Lotus Exige S240 – Sports Exhaust – November 2010 -  Alex - Italy
Hi Chris
Yesterday I took my Exige S 240 with your own Titanium exhaust ... fantastic!
And well done and sounds great!
Mini Clubman Cooper S - Sports Exhaust – November 2010 – Chiang - Taiwan
It's great !!
Great effect, the sound is also great, customers love it !
Jaguar XK8 SuperSports Exhaust – November 2010 – Ronni - Denmark
I am very very satisfied with the result after changing the exhaust on my Jaguar XK8 1996 to the QuickSilver SuperSport. Now it sounds like a SLR or a Lambo. 
The sound is a bit too loud when I am driving on highways but when I am driving slow in the city center and ESPECIALLY through tunnels and the hammer is dropped... Undescribeable! 
(I have been through every tunnel in a 20Km radius of the city, since the exhaust was mounted)
4 persons have complimented the sound of the car - Today. That is a bit above the average number of compliments per day. :-)
Thank you for good service, delivery and a very good product. 
Maserati 4200 Sports Exhaust – August 2010 – Ross – UK
I have now had the QuickSilver exhausts fitted, and I am very impressed. 
I gave them a good look over initially and they are very well made with nicely detailed welds (why such things interest me i don't know). 
They are also a lot lighter than the old standard exhausts, which were very rusty and in pieces really – they were only 2 years old!
Anyway they sound good, were half the price of the Larinis which is just as well and the car needs new tyres before the winter and a service MOT etc.
Still I get to smile driving it.
Ford Capri 2.8i Exhaust System – November 2010 – Ken - UK
I had a stainless exhaust fitted to my Capri 2.8i nearly 20 years ago by  Quicksilver.
It has been very good and remains in great shape.
I am interested in fitting stainless manifolds. Do you keep them in stock and what is the current price please?
Aston Martin DB7 Vantage Sports Exhaust – November 2010 – Aad – Netherlands
My garage mounted the exhaust, and I have to say, and they say, great quality and beauuuuuuuutifull sound.
Best regards
Jaguar XKR 5.0 (2010) Sports Exhaust – November 2010 – Greg - USA
Hi Paul,
I’ve been enjoying the QuickSilver Exhaust I recently purchased from you through Marin Luxury Cars. 
The dealership installed it and it sounds just fine. 
Aston Martin Vanquish Sports Exhaust – November 2010 – K - USA
It makes a glorious noise now when pushed without being overly aggressive around my neighbors….
The QuickSilver system on the Vanquish makes a proper deep roar under power and a restrained burble when being driven sedately.
Mini Cooper S (R56) Sports Exhaust – November 2010 - Jeff – USA
Hi Paul,
Just installed the exhaust and it sounds amazing. Have a great weekend!
Lotus Exige 2 – Sports Exhaust – November 2010 – L - France
I have a Lotus Exige S 243hp.
I search sport exhaust Quicksilver (I already have one on my Last Exige 192hp, it was WONDERFUL!!!).
What can you offer to me?
Jaguar XKR 5.0 (2010) SuperSports Exhaust – November 2010 - Russ – NY USA
…Yes, it fitted perfectly
It is 5 times louder than stock but I love it.  It is just what I wanted and I am very pleased with the result.
We ran it on the (dynojet) dyno before and after install. The result was + 7 bhp and + 15 ft lbs (rear wheel) and I expect these numbers to rise as the ECU adapts.
There were gains right across the range.
I will send you the video that we made on the weekend.
Range Rover Sport 4.2 SuperCharged  Sports Exhaust – October 2010 – Sami – Saudi Arabia
I install the exhaust for the Range Rover, the sound is fantastic.
Lotus Elise Sports Exhaust – October 2010 – Simon - UK
Hi Chris
The Stainless Sports System has now been fitted to my 111R - awesome sound, particularly once you reach the cam shift point at 6,200 rpm and on overrun.
I particularly enjoyed the noise going through tunnels...
I'm going to send you a few video clips soon, as promised.
Kind regards
Aston Martin V8 N400 Sports Exhaust - October 2010 - Paulo - South Africa
An awesome piece of metal that works well with my N400 Aston.
Music to my hears, I can assure of that.
Keep up the good work.
Thanks Paulo
Range Rover 2008 Sports Exhaust – October 2010 – Zed – Kenya
Fitted the exhaust today and it sounds and looks really great!
I am very happy with the look, sound and quality. 
Lotus Elise Ser 1 Sports Exahust – September 2010 – Vincent - France
Hello Chris,
We had this week-end the last rally for the final qualification.
The first for us with our new quicksilver exhaust. it's absolutly fantasic! super sound, the car run very well.
We finished at the 3rd place in GT but first place in our class.
We finish the Corsican trophy at the first place and next rally will be the final in France à the end of October. I take you a link on the France 3 corse TV.
You can see the Lotus. I will have the video of our race in some days. When i have it i send you a mail.
Best regards. Vincent.
Ferrari F355 Sports Exhaust – September 2010 – F – France
Je viens à l'instant de rentrer avec ma 355 !    En effet, l'échappement Quicksilver Supersport est enfin posé. Je me suis fait une petite sortie hors Besançon pour tester l'échappement !!!!
Verdict : Génial !!  Je retrouve le son type F1 que j'avais avec mon ancienne 355 !! Beaucoup moins violente et sonore que le Capristo, en bref, c'est bluffant !!  
Des montées en régime spectaculaire, qui me donne même l'impression que la voiture a pris quelques chevaux au passage (si si)  
Je vais essayer de faire une petite vidéo (j'ai plus de caméscope) pour que vous vous puissiez entendre le son de cet échappement diabolique. Je ne m'étais pas trompé lors de la montée du col de la faucille derrière Rikky qui est équipé du même échappement !!  
Pour finir, la finition est top (rien à envier à Capristo ou à Tubistyle) mais surtout, c'est un échappement qui coûte beaucoup moins cher !   Un grand merci à Ahvlanico pour sa gentillesse est son professionnalisme !
Aston Martin DBS Sports Exhaust – September 2010 – Ben – USA
And of course I have to say I absolutely love the exhaust and the sound is just to die for.
I had my lawyer on the car speaker phone the other day and he, also being a gearhead, commented that hearing the exhaust through the phone was almost like having s_x.
Mercedes 300SL - Exhaust (W107) – August 2010 – Steven - Spain
May I just say, speaking as an engineer myself, the workmanship on the system was excellent in fact top class and I will have no hesitation in recommending QuickSilver to my friends and colleagues.
Best Regards,
Steven Asplet
Jaguar XFR – Sports Exhaust – August 2010 – W – USA
Had it installed yesterday, it is now perfect!
Kind of half way in between the magnaflow exhaust and the stock system as far as sound and that was exactly what I was looking for.
Thanks for the quick turnaround!
Jaguar S Type – Sports Exhaust – August 2010 – Teddy - China
I received and installed the exhaust, it looks and sounds perfect..
I like the exhaust.  Awesome job.
Bentley GT SuperSports – Sports Exhaust – August 2010 – James – Canada
We just installed the system on the car. (minor modification needed) but what a sound!!!
Everyone in the dealership was amazed!
Just got the car up to 200kmh and its awesome.
Had a lot of fun driving the car yesterday…
We said that it is a mandatory modification for that car…
You cant have a $345,000 car sound like a Toyota Corolla!!!
Thing screams like a banshee now!
Jaguar C Type – Exhaust – August 2010 – Urs – Switzerland
Your exhaust fitted beautifully and the customer was very happy with the sound.
Mini Cooper S – Sports Exhaust – August 2010 – Nick – USA
Thank you so much!!!
I can not believe you guys sent the tips out overnight...never expected that and very much appreciate it.
Thank you again!
BMW M6 – Sports Exhaust – August 2010 – R – South Africa
The client that we supplied the M6 exhaust to called to give me feedback.
He informed me that he had sent the car to the local AMG workshop who removed the cats and fitted the QuickSilver exhaust rears.
He described the sound to me, as being the best sounding M6 in South Africa. Much like an F1 car now.
In fact he started the car and I could hear the sound...it was really great.
Thank you for helping deliver great product to our clients!
Cheers to many more in the future.
Lotus Elise 111R – Sports Exhaust – July 2010 – GB - Italy
Hi Paul,
Here I am again. I am very happy about your Super Sport product.
I send you asap my pictures for the new exhaust system.
Do you also provide ….?
Jaguar XFR – Sports Exhaust – July 2010 – FB - USA
I recently got the exhaust fitted on my Jaguar XFR and the results were simply amazing!!
I did not expect it to be soo loud.
Amazing sound and there is also an increase in speed.
Thanks guys.
Mini Cooper S – Sports Exhaust – July 2010 – Jennifer - UK
Hi Colin!
Received the exhaust yesterday and had it fitted today. Fits perfect and sounds amazing!!  :) Thumbs up!
Many thanks,
Aston Martin DB9 - Sports Exhaust – June 2010 – MS – USA
Thanks for the quick response
Just confirming It is the new (2010) Porsche Boxster Spyder for which you have the exhausts?
By the way I put the Quicksilver’s on my DB 9 last year. I can’t tell you how many people commented it was the best sounding exhaust of all time
Mini Cooper S – SuperSports Exhaust – June 2010 – DM – Belgium
I´ve placed the SuperSport exhaust on my Mini.
Is very perfect , best sound ever !
I send a video tomorrow.
Mercedes SLK55 AMG  SuperSports Exhaust – June 2010 – Tom – Costa Rica
Finally got the system out of customs Monday. My mechanic installed the system in less than an hour .
Very clean, precise installation.
The AMG55 sounds exquisite and seems to respond without hesitation.
Will send some photos the next time my baby is on the lift.
Thanks very much for your quality work!
I think I may have the only QuickSilver exhaust system in Costa Rica!!!
Cheers,         Good luck with The Cup,
Aston Martin DBS Sports Exhaust – June 2010 – AC - USA
Was installed and he LOVES IT!
Ferrari 348 Sports Exhaust – May 2010 – Nicolas - Belgium
Hi Paul,
In attached the pictures of the SuperSport exhaust system.
The client are very happy to the great sound !
QuickSilver Best Exhaust System on the world!
Kind regards from Belgium
Alfa Romeo Montreal & Saab 9000 – May 2010 – AH – Austria
Please excuse me my English is not so well.
I have buy´d for Alfa Romeo Montreal 20 years ago and one for Saab 9000 15 years ago.
I am very happy with both.  Thank you for quality…
Now I have...
Lotus Esprit Turbo S4 – Sports exhaust – May 2010 – Alan – UK
The standard exhaust on my S4s died recently so I have been looking into the different options to replace it.
In the end I went for the (QuickSilver) SuperSports system from the TLF shop. This has no silencer at all, but the advice was that if you still have the standard catalytic converter its noisy but not too noisy.
I am really glad I did and can recommend it – it’s a really well made system, does not restrict flow and saves weight. I went for a single exit to save having to get a new rear diffuser.
At idle it has a throaty burble, powerful but not annoying.
Driving normally at low throttle its pretty quiet - in fact with the windows up you can not really hear it. Its fine for long trips and I can still talk on the (hands free) phone.
At full bore however its a beast. You can hear it from miles away. When you back off it pops and crackles - flames come out.

Ferrari 612 – Sports Exhaust – April 2010 – Jamie – UK
I eventually got to use the car, down in Spain.
It’s absolutely perfect.
It hits all the right notes and I love it. 
Aston Martin DB9 Sports Exhaust - April 2010 - Richard - UK
I had a QuickSilver exhaust on my DB9 and thought it was awesome.
I have a DBS Volante on the way now.....
Lamborghini Gallardo – Sports Exhaust – April 2010 – Chris - Spain
Hi, I purchased a new exhaust system for my Gallardo about 2 years ago and was very happy.
I now have a 2004 Murcielago and would like a replacement exhaust for it.
MGTF – Sports Exhaust – April 2010 – CM – UK
Was at an MG gather recently and my (QuickSilver equipped) car was voted the best exhaust sound.
Do you make similar for my Jaguar S Type?
Range Rover 4.4 (2005) Sports Exhaust – April 2010 – ME – UK
Thank you very much. The exhaust sounds great by the way!
Aston Martin DBS – Titanium Sports Exhaust – April 2010 – JD - UK
I had the Titanium sports exhaust fitted to my Touchtronic Aston Martin DBS by Nicholas Mee & Co. in London.
It took them approx. 3 hours to do the work. A very neat job indeed.
Too early to judge any performance increase on what is already a V12 510bhp engine!
The sound with the new exhaust is fantastic.
Very impressed indeed.
Lamborghini Diablo (2 x SuperChargers) – Sports Exhaust – April 2010 – BR - USA
I have customer with 2008 Porsche 911 Carrera S4…
By the way, the Lambo owner was extremely happy with the system
Thank you
Aston Martin DBS - Sports Exhaust – March 2010 – RW - USA
We received your exhaust, it took 2 ½ hours to fit which was great.
Fitted perfectly and sounds wonderful!
Ferrari 550 – Sports Silencers – March 2010 – Fabrizio - Switzerland
Your 550 system is the best sounding system I have ever heard.
Audi R8 V10 - Sports Exhaust – March 2010 - BB - USA
Fit was very good. I am impressed by how lightweight the system was.
Beautiful sound
Very elegant & perfect for everyday driving.
Ferrari 612 – Sports Exhaust – March 2010 – DF - UK
Sounds Fantastic at low end….
The car is very well insulated so have to have the windows down - People outside enjoy it.
Looks good and was a good fit.
Bentley Continental GT – Sports Exhaust - March 2010 – CB – USA
Just installed my new exhaust.            Sounds Amazing!!! 
Thought you might like the video I made.
Maserati QuattroPorte Sports Exhaust – March 2010 – Imran - Ultimate Audio - USA
A snarly QuickSilver exhaust system gives the Maser an increase in performance and a nice bark to go along with the bite.
Bentley GT Speed - Sports Exhaust – March 2010 - Imran - Ultimate Audio – USA
A QuickSilver exhaust system finishes off the Supercoupe and gives an increase in horsepower and a lot of attitude.
Aston Martin Vanquish – Sports Exhaust – March 2010 - Alan - USA
I just wanted to tell how pleased I am with the exhaust that was installed on my 2003 Vanquish by AutoSport Designs (Huntington Station NY)
The sound is great...
Aston Martin DBS – Sports Exhaust – March 2010 – Jon - USA
Thanks very much for your generosity. 
I know that the Quicksilver on my DBS is terrific and should serve as a good advertisement for your great product.
Thanks again!
Lotus Elise S2 – Sports Exhaust – March 2010 – NB - France
Hi Paul,
Exhaust fitted this morning. Very quick and easy.
Fantastic noise !!!
Thanks again
Audi R8 V10 Sports Exhaust – February 2010 – Peter - USA
Our customer is extremely happy with his R8 exhaust - it sounds great!
Audi R8 V8 Sports Exhaust – February 2010 – Naz - UK
This is brilliant with very good engine sound, it is certainly loud enough.
Thank you for recommending Auto Brokers in Leeds.
Jaguar XK8 Sports Exhaust – February 2010 – Jim – USA
Just wanted to say our customer with the exhaust for the XK8 was thrilled. 
Ford Escort RS2000 Exhaust – February 2010 – Glen – UK
Your system was absolutely brilliant compared to the original.
I am very pleased with the finish
Thank you
Lotus Elise Ser 2 TitanSports Exhaust – January 2010 – Bernard - France
Hi, Paul
I’ve receive the exhaust today !!!
One word : Perfect and superb !!!
Best regards
RangeRover 4.2 Supercharged Sports Exhaust – January 2010 - Mr Scott – USA
I got my QuickSilver system and it Sounds Great, I am thrilled with it.
I had a Borla system on before but I had to take it off it was so obnoxious.
I just wanted to let you know.
Aston Martin DBS Sports Exhaust – December 2009 – RH – Singapore
The DBS SuperSport exhaust you sent to us is now fitted to the customers car and he is very happy. 
To be honest it's a little louder than both he and us expected but it does suit the car well.
BMW M1 Exhaust – December 2009 – Aiden – Ireland
We have fitted your new system and the result is good, very good,
It is very crisp and sweet enough.
Civilised but throaty.
Aston Martin V8 Vantage SuperSport Plus Exhaust – December 2009 - Mr Engelaar – Holland
OOOOOOOHHH MY GOD!!!!!  Lovin it!!!
DJ Jean

Nissan Pulsar GTi-R Sports Exhaust – November 2009 – Nick - UK
I always buy QuickSilver exhaust systems for my cars and after recently buying one for my Nissan Pulsar GTI-R i fell in love with the sound and quality of it.
Is there any way i could get one made for my Golf GTI 1.8 Turbo Mk4?
Im really struggling to find any decent exhaust systems for this car at the moment.
I will be modifying the car and if i could get a QuickSilver exhaust system on this car i would be absolutely over the moon!
Look forward to your reply!
Lotus Esprit Turbo SuperSports Exhaust - November 2009 – Bibs - UK
Thanks Paul, that’s great news!
Can you please point me to either online images or email me over pics of the systems that are suitable for Lotus cars?
I’ve got a SuperSport on my Esprit, it’s heavenly!
Best regards
Jaguar XKR Sports Exhaust – October 2009 – Alistair – Australia
You may not remember me but I bought an XKR system from you early in the year.
I have been very pleased with the results. On the Dyno there has been a significant improvement.
The noise is also very attractive..
I have now purchased a 1955 XK140 manual  which has a C- type head and a half racing cam.
What do you guys have to offer for exhausts in this respect (including headers) and at what cost.
Alfa Romeo T33 ‘Stradale’ – Inconel Manifolds – October 2009 – P – UK
They look really good and the welding is superb.
One of my colleagues, who used to work for a company preparing Group C cars at Le Mans, recognised the material.
I will be coming back to you for the Silencers too, once the engine has been fitted.
Volkswagen T4 Camper – October 2009 - Mr Saddington - UK
I just wanted to thank you for the system which I have now fitted to my VW Transporter.
It fitted perfectly and I am absolutely delighted with it.
Thanks to all of the team at QuickSilver!
Ferrari 360 Sports Exhaust – October 2009 – Nicolas – Belgium
Hello Paul,
How are you?
I’ve placed the SuperSport on the 360,
I’m very happy, is a perfect melody .
Thank you again
BMW M6 Sports Exhaust – October 2009 – Hisham - Kuwait
Dear Paul,
I have received the exhaust and installed it, I'm very happy with it, the sound is GREAT.
I have taken video off it and I can send you the AVI file if you like. The size of the file is about 14 Mb.
Best Regards
Lamborghini Murcielago Sports Exhaust – October 2009 – C - USA
Wow, I must say we have had a lot of positive feedback this weekend at the Carefree car show! 
I will send you some video once I get some. 
Attached are some images for you and Quicksilver.  The 4” tips definitely made a difference in sound. 
I did not realize that just changing the stock Murcielago tips would make such a big difference in the appearance, performance, and sound! 
Again, thank you for all your help and tell the guys at Quicksilver thanks for another excellent product!
Morgan 4/4 Manifold & System – September 2009 – David - Canada
The system fitted perfectly and I like the polished look of the exhaust on the car.
Once on  I took it for a spin which turned into a 3 hour drive to enjoy the sound, which only stopped when the ignition coil overheated and the fun ended.  
Overall I am very pleased and I can’t get enough of it.
Lamborghini Gallardo SuperSports Exhaust - August 2009 - Mr M - Japan
"Thank you for all your help, guys.
I was on motorway on my way back home and had gone through a long tunnel under the Tokyo bay,
With the note and the length of the tunnel that's enough for me to be paralysed completely and I missed my junction!
It seems to be working all well and thanks again!"   from Mr. M
Well done, all at QuickSilver Exhausts!
Please pass my regards to everyone involved.
Lamborghini Murcielago & Ferrari 360 Sports Exhaust Systems – August 2009 – Charlie - USA
Hello  !
I must tell you how many compliments we get from fellow Lambo members on the board and on our drives! 
Our last Bullrun everyone loved my passing them and even at 130 mph we were shooting flames out the exhaust when we got off the gas…it was a true show stopper! 
We had Jeff order a set of Quicksilver bypass pipes for his 1999 Diablo and it sounds great. 
Everyone loves the sound of the 360…definitely now more of an F1 sound.
The Murcielago is just crazy loud!  The Quicksilver primary cat delete just made a world of a difference. 
I actually GAINED more low end torque from removing the primary cats…strange but true! 
A couple years ago I did a Fabspeed primary cat on my Gallardo and lost a lot of low end torque and was concerned with the Murcie…let me tell you…you can definitely tell people they will not lose low end torque on the Murcie.  This Murcie has the Quicksilver primary bypass deletes, and secondary deletes and muffler delete was done at Lamborghini OC a couple years back with their x pipe system, then stock tips.
We love the Quicksilver fitment and finish and of course the sound so much on the Ferrari 360 and the Murcielago that we are now going to do the 1999 Diablo VT Roadster MOMO Edition – a full race style exhaust, and the only thing we need to finish the 2003 Murcielago is to purchase some nice tips for the exhaust.
Ferrari 456 Sports Exhaust – August 2009 – Tim - UK
Hi Paul
Just a short e-mail to thank you for a trouble free transaction.
The rear boxes are fitted and give a nice deep burble at tickover but the exhaust note is not at all 'boomy' or intrusive at motorway cruising speeds.
I think they suit the character of the car very well.
Aston Martin V8 Sports Exhaust – August 2009 - AC – Hong Kong
I just road tested my Aston Martin Vantage Volante 1989 X-pac.
The tone of the car is wonderful to the ears - thank you for the bespoke exhaust system.
and thank you once again for the perfect pitch.
Ferrari 360 Sports Exhaust – July 2009 – Mr M – Spain
What you did to my car was unbelievable.
I was jumping and dancing to the rhythm of the sound
Thank you Thank you Thank you
Aston Martin DB7 Sports Exhaust – July 2009 – Nico - France
My customer received his Aston exhaust and immediately put it on the car.
Delivery was very fast, he received it the 23th.
He is very happy of the result.
Jaguar S Type Sports Exhaust – July 2009 – Arne Riis – Denmark
I have an Jaguar S type 4,2 NA and had silencers from you.
I am very pleased with your product, and would therefore like you to make the rest.
Kind regards
Aston Martin V8 Vantage Sports Exhaust – July 2009 – Terry - USA
I got my Vantage back with the SuperSports exhaust and the Aston power upgrade.  It is terrific. 
The Quicksilver is just the right blend of improved growl without being too loud at highway speed. 
The throttle response and power over 5,000 rpm is noticeably improved. 
I am a big fan of your product!
Terry Olson
Atlanta Georgia.
Maserati 4200 GranSport – July 2009 – Douglas – Singapore
Hi Paul,
I have already installed the exhaust on my Gransport.
Am very pleased with the sound it produces now.
It now gives the car a full-bodied roar when under hard acceleration!
Great product (excellent finish on the exhaust pipes).
Look forward to purchase more exhaust systems from you in the future.
Cheers    Douglas
Opel Manta 2.0 – Oct 1996 & July 2009 – JB – UK
Can you please supply me with new Guarantee Card?
Opel Manta has been owned by me since 1988 – QuickSilver fitted in 1996 and still going strong.
Ferrrai 308QV Sports Exhaust – June 2009 – Jan - UK
Hi Chris,
Thanks for the new Quicksilver "Sports" Silencer for my Ferrari 308 GTB QV.
Took an hour and 20 minutes to fit.
I was staggered at high much lighter the QuickSilver system was.
The car finally sounds like it looks.
Glad you liked the Before and After video.
The power gain was definitely noticeable after swapping to the Quicksilver, and the engine seems to "spin-up" quicker when revving.
Regards  Jan
Mini Cooper S (Turbo) R56 - June 2009 - Michael - Denmark
Hi Peter
Just instaled the Mini Cooper S (turbo) QuickSilver exhaust, the customer have an ear to ear smile now that I only see after I have them on track for the first time.
I must say for the Mini R56, this dosn´t come any better, the quality is briliant, little over 30 minute fitting, from the lift went up, and the performance gain is fantastic.
Sound ???     Doesn´t get any better either :-)
Very nice craftmanship, and the fitting was so perfect it was really a walk in the park to install, so who ever is responsable for that say thanks from scandinavia :-)
Michael  -  Racetech Denmark
Jaguar XK8 Sports Exhaust – May 2009 – FX - France
Dear QuickSilver,
Thanks a lot for your inox exhaust , now fitted on my Xk8...
It is really a new car...
A new way to drive it.......
A new "full pleasure "..
What a pleasure to ear such this nice and Real V8 sound in this convertible Jaguar...Congratulation !!!!
The unit arrived during the delivery ,to my garage was in a perfect estate ....
Kinds Regards
Lotus Exige SC Titan Sports Exhaust – May 2009 – Luigi - Italy
State of Art !
If you are interested we are at your disposal if you need help with Italian Customers.
Thank you
Aston Martin V8 Vantage (SuperSports Plus) Exhaust – May 2009 - Thibault - Belgium
The sound is perfect - I Love it.
It makes a big, big difference  > over my original system with the fuse removed.
Best of luck to you
Ford Cortina Mk2 Exhaust – May 2009 - Mrs D - UK
My husband is over the moon.
He says that it fitted perfectly and was definitely worth the wait.
We will recommend you as we are very, very pleased.
Bentley Continental GT Sports Exhaust – May 2009 – Eitan – USA
Please send me your price for a 2008 Gallardo Spider?
I have one (QuickSilver) on my Bentley GT and I love it.
Bentley Continental GT Sports Exhaust – May 2009 – Allen – UK
Hi Paul
Just to let you know we fitted Kieran’s exhaust today, no problems and very happy.
Aston Martin V8 Vantage SuperSports Exhaust – May 2009 – Graham - UK
Hi Paul
Just to let you know, the rear box  was fitted last week by Stratstones at the same time as I had the AM power upgrade.
The combination of both has given a perceivable power increase and was money well spent!
The sound levels aren’t too intrusive, and I think actually quieter on start-up! (?) the tone is definitely deeper.
I intend to travel to the AMOC meeting this weekend at Rousham Park in Oxford, so we will see then how the car performs.
Many thanks & best regards
Audi R8 Titan Sports Exhaust – April 2009 – Mark - MC Design Whips – USA
Completed Titan Exhaust on our Audi R8.
Thanks!     Sounds great.
Mercedes SLK200 Sports Exhaust – April 2009 - Paul - UK
I am so pleased with my exhaust for Mercedes 200SLK Kompressor fitted at Kwik-Fit, Kings Lynn
will see what I can do regarding some photos` of those superb pipes on my SLK & mail them to you
Lamborghini Jalpa Exhaust – March 2009 – Markus - Germany
Hi Paul
The manifolds arrived today they look beautiful.
Thank you for the polish !!!!
I will fix them next week.
Jaguar XK8 Sports Exhaust (2007) – March 2009 – Douglas - UK
Dear Paul
I have now fit the Jaguar XK8 Sports exhaust it was a perfect fit and it sounds fantastic - also looks great
Saved me £14,000 not to swap the car
Audi R8 Sports Exhaust – March 2009 – Augusto - USA
Hi Paul,
I have to say that at first I thought that was very loud, but now I like it a lot.
It have a muscle car sound when idle, but when it pass the 3000 RPM transform it into a more European sound.
I will make some videos soon and I will send it to you.
Mini Cooper S Sports Exhaust – February 2009 – Jason - USA
I just installed the Sport exhaust for my 2008 Mini Cooper S.    The sound is Awesome!!! .
Very deep and throaty at low RPM's and gets a bit higher pitched after 4500 RPMs.
NO droning at all at cruise speeds such as 45 or 65mph..it is great!!!
You can really hear the turbo spooling up to redline now, pulls much faster and stronger, and revs faster as well.
There maybe something about that 30+hp, I can really understand it being possible since it Does eliminate both the resonator and one Cat. 
Very happy!! and very simple install!!
Ferrari 360 Sports Exhaust – February 2009 – Mohamad - Kuwait
The sound was perfect and so nice sound and also i love it,
quicksilver bless sound ,
thx very much ;) ;P
AC 428 Exhaust System – February 2009 – Mark – UK
Sounds great.
Looks great.
All fits very well.
Thank you
Bentley GT Speed Sports Exhaust – February 2009 – Mr McErlean – USA
Hello Gentlemen
I just had your exhaust installed last week on my Bentley GT Speed.
I would like to say "thank you".
The sound is perfect and exactly what I was looking for.
The original exhaust did not do my "speed" justice as you should know that a vehicle with over 600 horse should sound like a vehicle of substance not just look like one
Thanks again
Bob McErlean
MG TF Sports Exhaust (2002) – January 2009 – Chris - UK
System fitted to my MG TF vastly improved throttle response
much higher torque across the rev range
also boost to top end power,highly recommended.
Sounds great too
Aston Martin DB9 Sports Exhaust – January 2009 – Hamid - USA
Hi Peter
Just wanted to give you an update. It has been about 2 weeks that we have installed your exhaust on my DB9.  
The sound and performance now is absolutely brilliant and this is a truly perfect exhaust.
However, I must say that I did not know that the exhaust needed time to "break in".  
The first week or so ... I almost told my mechanic to remove it.  
He advised me that some exhausts have a break in time.
In any situation I am 100% satisfied ..many thanks.
Warm regards,
Maserati GranTurismo Sports Exhaust – January 2009 – Roop – Singapore
System sounds absolutely awesome.
Thank you ever so much for the excellent service.
Lamborghini Gallardo Sports Exhaust – January 2009 - Finn - Spain
Hi Peter
The Gallardo sounds crazy with the super sports.
I have it in Marbella now, everybody is asking WHAT IS THAT …?
Here is a clip from youtube : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KXzcKjXWhQg
I have a client who will be racing Gumball this year in an LP640.
Do you have something for him?  He wants to get rid of the cats, more horsepower, lower the weight & solve the heat problems when driving in the mountains.
I will get him to put QuickSilver on the car of course...
Please send what is possible as soon as possible, he is shipping the car from here in 3 weeks.
Med venlig hilsen / Mit freundlichen Grusse / With best regards/ Un Saludo
Mini Cooper S Sports Exhaust (R53) – January 2009 - Nuno - Portugal
Dear Paul,
Happy New Year!
Just to let you know that I received a very positive feed back from TECNAUTO.
It fits perfectly in this car and the quality is second to none.
The car was not dyno tested yet because TECNAUTO is doing other mods (Supercharger and Crank Pulleys, Ignition coil and annual inspection).
Please accept my congratulations.
Best regards
Lamborghini Miura Exhaust – January 2009 - S - Netherlands
The silencer is already fitted on the Miura.
Everything fits perfectly and sounds also very good!
Mini Cooper S Sports Exhaust (R53) – December 2008 – Simon - UK
Hi Paul, hope you are well. 
The exhaust arrived today.
I’m more than pleased with my purchase, its top quality and looks superb.
Ferrari 348 Sports Exhaust – December 2008 – Joseph – Singapore
It really looks good and the sound, I did expect it to be louder.
The tone is nice and mellow and no crackling like the Tubi or even the ‘Challenge’ which was fitted to my car.
Over the weekend Ferrari Agents put up a show to celebrate their 40th Anniversary and all Ferrari, Maserati owners for a cocktail party on our F1 Circuit pit-lane building.
All of the Ferrari Club members drove our cars.
Of course, I had your sticker nicely stuck on and had many come up and ask me…  All I did was start up my engine and rev it. 
They said, ‘Wow – how much does it cost?’.
Once again, my apologies for the belated reply and take the opportunity to wish you and your family, Happy Christmas.
Sincerely yours
Aston Martin Vanquish Sports Exhaust – December 2008 – AM Dealer – Germany
We fitted the Vanquish system – it took 2 hours to fit.
Our mechanics heard the car on the Autobahn, 2km away, during test drive.
The customer was very happy and said that it ‘Sounds fantastic!’
He was a new customer for us so we are happy as well.
BMW 2000 CS Exhaust – December 2008 – Andreas – Germany
Thanks for answering
I am very content with your systems, I have 2 Citroen SM with your QS, too.
I think, it’s good for you to get such technical information for do your work as perfect as you do!
Kind regards
Bugatti Veyron Sports Exhaust – December 2008 – G – UK
It fitted very well.
The original exhaust was too quiet, the QuickSilver gives it more presence
It sounds very nice on the Road, certainly quiet enough at cruising speed (70 to 80 mph).
There were no ‘check engine lights’, we can recommend this to other customers.
Maserati GranTurismo Sports Exhaust – December 2008 - Kavuklar - Turkey
I received your Maserati GranTurismo sports rears and customer is very happy.
Customer comments that it sounds amazing
Will send pictures and video of car soon.
Very Good. Thank You.
Renault 19 Exhaust – January 2000 & November 2008 – Mr S – UK
I was so pleased with the system that you supplied in 2000 for my old Renault 19.
Unfortunately I am about to ‘throw it away’ and buy a newer Megane Cabrio.
Can I fit my R19 QuickSilver system to the Megane?
Lamborghini Gallardo Sport Exhaust – November 2008
Your Lamborghini Gallardo super sport exhaust was magnificent and I enjoyed a lot.
Please make the exhaust kit for Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X - the present series?
Mini Cooper S Sports Exhaust (R56 Turbo) – November 2008 – Patrick - Singapore
Good Day!
Recently just installed the QuickSilver Mini Turbo, the sound is fabulous.
Jaguar XK8 Sports Exhaust – November 2008 – Maka - UAE
Dear Paul
I install the QuickSilver exhausts system
and the sound very amazing in my Jaguar XK 2007
I hope … to put pictures on your website
Maserati GranTurismo Sports Exhaust – October 2008 – Neil – New Zealand

Maserati Gran Turismo exhaust has been fitted and looks great
A little louder than we thought but sounds fantastic at full throttle.
Ferrari F355 SuperSports Exhaust – October 2008 – Dave – UK
My customer was absolutely overwhelmed with the sound of the QuickSilver exhaust on his 355.
He was so pleased that he took his wife through the Dartford Tunnel twice, just to enjoy the sound.
For my part, I am pleased to receive this positive feedback because I can now confidently recommend QuickSilver to my other clients.
Renault Clio V6 Sports Exhaust – September 2008 – Jim - Luxembourg
It works perfectly.
I am very happy with the exhaust, with a car like this you want something a bit special.
Thank you for the service
Lotus Exige S Manifold – September 2008 – Frank - Germany

The exhaust arrived today. Looks really great and I'm very happy !!
Thank you very much for your quick and kind support!
Ferrari F355 Sports Exhaust – September 2008 – Martin – UK
Fitted superbly and sounded awesome.
Ford Escort RS1600i Exhaust – September 2008 – Torsten – Germany
I bought a quicksilver exhaust for my Ford Escort RS1600i 2 years ago.
It's really a fantastic quality!  And my friend wants one for his car.
Alfa Romeo Spider Exhaust – September 2008 – Enrique – Spain
Two years ago we was buy a great exhaust system for a Alfa spider, congratulations for your great quality exhausts.
Now we have a customer with a Maserati 3200 GT.
Ferrari F355 Sports Exhaust – September 2008 – Nicolas – Belgium
Hi Peter,
I have placed the SuperSport System on my 355, it's really F1 sound.
And I have modified the RPM at 9800 Rpm ... ( original 8200 ).
Many thanks for you best fabrication.
Lotus Elise 111R Sports Exhaust – August 2008 – Patrick - UK
I had a QuickSilver on my 111R SR that I bought from CN.
It was absolutely superb and if I was to buy another exhaust I would buy one of those.
Lotus Elise 111R Sports Exhaust – August 2008 – Snug – USA
Oui, il fournit une grande qualite chaque fois que vous soulevez et il pèse cinq kilos moins que "regular".
J'ai acheté un il ya 3 semaines, et voila, il est parfait. Il semble bon et de sons super quand vous mettez le moteur < 3000 rpm!!
Je le recommande!!
Lotus Exige Sports Exhaust – August 2008 – Michael – USA
I have a Quicksilver and I like it very much.
Before installation, I was concerned about the noise, would it be intrusive?
At low speed cruising there is a pleasant burble in the background and obviously, upon acceleration it gets louder, which is perfect for me.
At highway speed, it was not intrusive.
I recently heard a Stage 2, and noticed that it was intrusively loud all the time, too much for me.
The beauty of the Quicksilver is that the noise level only increases when you want it too.
Hope this helps.
Maserati 4200 Spider Sports Exhaust – August 2008 – McGus – UK
I dithered between Larini, Tubi and QuickSilver.
Having read everything I could and listened to clips on youtube I went with QuickSilver.
More expensive than the Larinis but cheaper than the Tubi.
Sounds fantastic and I'm not honestly sure if I have had the stereo on a single time since I put the QS on last autumn!
Lotus Exige S Sports Exhaust – August 2008 – TS – USA
The Quicksilver is great exhaust!
It is loud, but it is a sweet sounding type of loud…
The build quality is nice and they don't fall apart from bad welds.
It also has a deeper tone than the Larini which to my ear sounds more like a performance exhaust on a large bore performance bike compared to the lower tone of the Quicksilver.
You will love the QuickSilver if you decide on it.
Lotus Elise S2 Sports Exhaust – August 2008 - MM – London
I have the QuickSilver sports zorst on my S2 111s.
Not ‘chavvy’, but gives a bit more burble.
Lotus Elise S1 Sports Exhaust – August 2008 – Rich – UK
I have one (QuickSilver)  fitted to my S1 111s.
Replaced a Janspeed. I prefer the Quicksilver.
Power comparable, noise "warmer" than the "metallic" Janspeed.
Lotus Exige S Sports Exhaust – August 2008 – L – Wales
My Quicksilver sounds ace especially over 5000rpm where the Lotus stage2 for the Exige S is louder
Ferrari TestaRossa Exhaust – August 2008 – Stu – UK
I tend to use QuickSilver exhaust. 
Very well made,just fitted one to a Testarossa..stunning sound and look.
Lotus Elise 111R Sports Exhaust – August 2008 – R - London
I fitted the standard Quicksilver (not the titanium jobby unfortunately!) and I have to say I absolutely love it.
.. relatively straight forward to fit and certainly I would happily offer advice on that.
I changed because I couldn't get onto a lot of tracks with the Stage 2 but didn't want to loose the drama that a sports exhaust adds over the standard.
I am loving the QuickSilver I have to say.
The build is excellent, being even lighter than the stage 2 and extremely light next to the standard fitment cattle trough that Lotus fit.
The sound is awesome with lots of gurgles, pops and the odd bang.
On second cam it is fantastic but when driving sensibly, it is very civilised compared to the Stage 2.
I can't recommend it enough however I must add that I haven't experienced any other makes.
Looks wise the oversized pipes look great coming out of the diffuser.
Aston Martin DB7 6 Cylinder Sports Exhaust – August 2008 – Garth – UK
Dear Mr Goddard
As you are probably aware the exhaust system was fitted to my Aston Martin DB7 last Wednesday.
And I'm very happy to say it's excellent…
You now have a very happy customer and I would like to thank you for your time and trouble.
Kind Regards
Garth Cooper
Maserati Gran Turismo – Sports Exhaust – July 2008 – H – USA
This is the way a Gran Turismo should sound !
We just installed Sport Exhaust on a new Maserati GranTurismo.
The sound now is absolutely incredible.
No doubt now that the soul of this car is a Ferrari.
The system also improved throttle feel and response.
No dynos yet as the owner is an NBA player and doesn’t really want,
Car belongs to Shawn Marion
Aston Martin V8 Vantage SuperSports Exhaust – July 2008 – Irv - USA
Dear Paul;
I received the exhaust system for my Aston yesterday, and we installed it today. 
As you said it was pretty much a straight bolt in job.  It took one of my tech's only about an hour and a half to do the job. 
It probably weight's less than half of the factory system, and is certainly less complicated and much cleaner looking. 
We didn't know what to expect when it was time to start the car up.  The results were immediate.  
On hard acceleration it is powerful,  at moderate acceleration it sounds strong, and at a normal cruise it has just the right background roar. 
The Aston now sounds as good as it looks.  I could not be happier.
Thank you for all your help.
Irv Stein
Lanchester Straight 8 Landaulet (ex King George VI) – July 2007 – James – UK
The car is now deathly quiet - which is as it should be.
It runs so much better too, with the correct exhaust.
Here are some photos of the car - Thank you
Aston Martin N24 Race Exhaust – June 2008 – Mats - Norway
I regard these exhaust systems as the best of the best!
I have to say that you've really succeeded with the n24 vantage exhaust.
What a sound!
Aston Martin V8 Vantage Sports Exhaust – June 2008 – SK - Germany
It was a good idea to work with QuickSilver.
We have done a power test on the AMV8.
Changed the Air Box and Exhaust to a Sports Air Filter and QS Exhaust > Measured a 22 hp gain.
Porsche 997 Turbo Sports Exhaust – June 2008 – Brent - USA
I had a chance to drive my friend’s turbo cab post exhaust install and the thing sounds fantastic !
He loves it as well.
Perfect throaty, gurgle type sound that suits the turbo.
Now it sounds like a 500 hp car !
….Do you make a system for the new GT2?
QuickSilver Website – June 2008 – Bas - Netherlands
Your website looks better and better every time I visit is.
Especially I like the flip over catalogue and videos.
The plain text is great for a quick look up for systems and prices.
Keep up the good work. We’re proud to be a QuickSilver dealer!
Ferrari Mondial T Sports Exhaust - May 2008 - Nicolas - Belgium
Hi Peter
have receved the Mondial T exhaust , It´s perfect.
It's a very best sound.
Many thank´s for the good service.
Aston Martin DB7 Sports Exhaust – May 2008 – Don - USA
It's installed and I love it. 
Don Miller
Vauxhall Calibra Exhaust – Dec 1999 & May 2008 – Mr Preston – UK
In 1999 you supplied an exhaust for my old Vauxhall Calibra.
Your system was as good as new when I sold it last Christmas.
It was a wonderful car and I missed it so much that I have just bought another.
Can you supply another exhaust, exactly the same please….. and at the 1999 price?
BMW M6 Exhaust – May 2008 – Chris – UK
The system fitted like a glove, the person fitting it was initially apprehensive but said it fitted superbly.
I have never bought a better system and the customer service was supreme.
I am a member of quite a few car clubs and I will recommend QuickSilver through them.
QuickSilver Catalogue – April 2008 – George - UK
We've just received a copy of your new catalogue - what a work of art!
Absolutely terrific.
Could I ask you to send us one more copy, which we will laminate, and put on display.
We will re-new our efforts to sell more for you!!
Ferrari 599 GTB Sports Exhaust – April 2008 – PR – Germany
We fitted the 599 system yesterday.
It sounds excellent. When the valve is open it sounds fantastic.
Much much much better than the Tubi-style. No vibration
It sings like Maria Callas.
The car now really sounds like a Ferrari 12 cylinder.
Aston Martin V8 Vantage Sports Exhaust – April 2008 – Sebastian – Germany
Our Team has been very happy with the fit of the system - easy.
The sound is unbelievable.
One client said he would never want another exhaust system. Absolutely perfect.
Austin Healey 100/4 Sports Exhaust – April 2008 – Giorgio - Italy
OK I’ve received it yesterday…Perfect!!!
I’m very happy….
Ferrari F355 Sports Exhaust – April 2008 – Robert – Dubai
Hey Paul:
The UPS guy showed up at my door yesterday and put a big grin on my face! 
I was actually quite shocked that the silencer got here literally overnight.
A good friend of mine has a dyno so I'll give you some before and after data just for your reference purposes.
Tons of thanks for your support!
Jaguar XJ220 Sports Exhaust – March 2008 – Richard – UK
I just want to let you know that I am very, very pleased.
Your exhaust looks absolutely gorgeous and the tips are perfect.
It now makes the ‘right’ noise (as it should have been from new) and the feel of the car is transformed, it is now a different animal.
Thanks for your help and great delivery!
Aston Martin DB4 Zagato Titanium Exhaust – March 2008 – BQ – Belgium
The Titanium Silencers were unbelievable.. we will send you some photos when the car is completed.
Aston Martin DB9 Sports Exhaust – March 2008 – Dr LM – USA
The 2008 DB9 installation was first application by ..Aston Martin, NJ.
They have advised me of their very positive impression of  QuickSilver Supersport
I'm interested in similar..  Range Rover 2008 Supercharged exhaust Supersport?
Mercedes 450SL Exhaust System – March 2008 – Mike – UK
You supplied a system a while back for a 450 SL (W107) we were restoring.
Usually these are loads of grief to fit, especially the front pipes around the bell housing.
Your’s fitted perfectly.
We now have another customer with an R Type Bentley….
Mini Cooper Sports Exhaust – March 2008 – Leo – UK
Just received the system, Top Notch!
Ford Capri 2.3 V6 – Exhaust & Manifolds – March 2008 – Albert - Austria
Have bought an exhaust system incl. Manifolds about 15 years ago for my Ford Capri 2,3.
Now I have a second Capri: 1977 2,0 V6 LHD (Mk II)…….How much ?
Thank you
Lotus Exige S – February 2008 – JW - UK
Hi Paul
The system is great, first track day was brilliant!  
Again, sounded great I’m really happy with it. 
If it’s of interest I’m fettling the diffuser and exhaust brackets on the car to enable me to quick change (5 minute) the exhaust!
Best regards
Aston Martin V8 Vantage SuperSports Exhaust - February 2008 – Adrian – UK
We fitted your new SuperSports + exhaust this afternoon and it sounds Awesome.
It is louder than your SuperSports version but it is just what I wanted and I am very pleased
Vauxhall Monaro VXR500 Sports Exhaust – January 2008 – David – UK
The sound is superb!
Thank you
Aston Martin DB9 Sports Exhaust – January 2008 - PC – UK
We think the standard exhaust on the Touchtronic model sounds a little asthmatic compared to the earlier cars.
The QuickSilver Sports system has a much nicer sound with a proper roar at high speed but on the Motorway it is fine,
and the Auto-Blip on changedown is especially pleasant.
We have one on our demonstrator and everyone who drives it likes it.
Mercedes SLK350 Sports Exhaust – January 2008 - Mr Guigonis - France
Sound is a little louder when I start the engine.
When you speed up the revs it sounds like a V6. It sounds like a Ferrari !
The look is very special. Two double pipes on left and right. Football shaped tips not rugby ball. Much better.
Good style and finish. Has individual character.
If I had compared the systems before and after on a rolling road I am sure that there would be an increase in horsepower.
Throttle response is much better.
It was well worth waiting for.


Peugeot 504 V6 Exhaust – January 2008 – BS – Netherlands
We received the 504 V6 system yesterday in good condition.
It looks very good with the professional foamed package.
Our compliments !!
Thanks for the sticker and the M&M Magazine (That’s serious advertising)!
Lotus Exige Manifold Race-Cat & ‘Titanium Sports system – January 2008 – John – UK
Sounds awesome
btw, the cam change is explosive!
Best regards
Aston Martin DB9 SuperSports Exhaust – January 2008 – Nicholas - USA
Happy New Year to you as well.
By the way, we installed the loudest Quicksilver Exhaust on a DB9 yesterday.
One word -----à WOW!
Porsche 997 GT3 Sports Exhaust – December 2007 - Patrick - Singapore
The new exhaust sounds fabulous.
In fact, it sounds much louder and more aggressive than my souped up 599.
I love it.  
The delivery of the low rev torque feels more imminent than before which is really out of my expectation.
The high rev power is as strong as I would have expected.
The backend of the car feels much lighter and the handling is more nimble accordingly.
I am very pleased by both the performance of your product and your professional after sales service.
Would definitely recommend QuickSilver to my friends without hesitation.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!!!
Maserati GranSport Sports Exhaust – December 2007 – I - Japan
I have received Maserati Exhaust in good condition today.
Thank you very much and I hope to send you next order soon.
Maserati 4200 GranSport Sports Exhaust – November 2007 – Neil - UK
I got a SuperSports box from you for my Maserati 4200 Gran Sport which was fantastic.
Now have a Gran Tourismo when will you develop a system for this car ??
In need for a more sporty sound
Porsche 911 Turbo 3.0 Exhaust – November 2007 - Fritz – Switzerland
The Porsche Parts (new / old) have arrived today. 16:30 continental time.
The new one looks very good.
Jaguar XK140 FHC Exhaust – November 2007 – RC – UK
Just to say thank you.
The system went on perfectly and sounds fabulous.
I’ve grown out of noisy exhausts and this is correct with no thin resonation.
Thanks again
Mini Moke Exhaust – October 2007 – Trevor - UK
System is on and runs perfectly - Brilliant.
Thanks for everything.
Lamborghini Gallardo Spider Sports Exhaust – October 2007 – H – USA
I think I can sum up my latest experience with the Lambo Ti exhaust in one word;   PERFECT
Fit was perfect, sound is perfect and the perceived effect on performance is perfect
Once again great job
All the Best
Aston Martin DB9 Sports Exhaust – October 2007 – Paul - USA
The muffler has been installed and the melody is a symphony !! 
I am very pleased with the result.
 Porsche 997 GT3 Sports Exhaust – October 2007 – Chris - USA
We did some road testing yesterday with the exhaust.....very nice. 
The sound was incredible.  The customer was pleased as was I. 
Just enough sound....we really thought it was going to be too loud but it's perfect. 
We did several full throttle passes and it sounded great!  Very pleased. 
BMW 2002 Exhaust – September 2007 – John - UK
I've had a Quicksilver exhaust on my BMW 2002 for more years than I can remember (I bought it from Keith Ripp - that's how old it is!)
And it still works and looks as good as ever.
 Vauxhall Viceroy Exhaust – September 2007 - John Fossey - UK
 The exhaust you provided was superb, it sounds and looks a treat.
 And fits perfectly.
 Mercedes 300SL W107 Exhaust – September 2007 - Mr Aylwin - UK
 Just to say the QuickSilver exhaust was absolutely beautiful and fitted perfectly. 
It sounds awesome, absolutely marvellous.
Lamborghini LM002 Sports Exhaust – August 2007 - Rhyno – Canada
I just have to thank Chad for getting me my new QuickSilver exhaust for the LM002 and I also have to thank Fahad,
If it wasn't for you then there would not be a exhaust for the LM! 
I will be going down to Seattle to get it installed and Ben has organized a photoshoot for 4 LM's!!!!
Red, White, Silver and Black. Should be fun.
Lamborghini Countach Sports Exhaust – August 2007 - USA
I have both QuickSilver and Larini. Both are good.
If I had to choose I'd pick the QuickSilver, a little better quality.
Jaguar XKR (2007) Sports Exhaust – July 2007 – Peter - Switzerland
Sounds great, will send you a video after my holiday.
Was fitted by my local Jaguar dealer, Emil Frey.
Best regards
Lotus Esprit V8 Sports Exhaust – August 2007 - Tomas - UK
Just a quick note to say that I have just received my exhaust system - thanks again for your great service and support: I can't wait to install it!
Many thanks
Jaguar XKR (2007) Sports Exhaust – August 2007 – Vernon – USA
Thank you for your help, we will keep selling.
You make a great product even the Jaguar factory likes it
Aston Martin V8 Vantage Sports Exhaust – August 2007 – K - USA
I also had a QuickSilver SuperSports muffler installed ..the sound is much improved without being obnoxious. 
There is also a boost in power in the midrange with the exhaust.
Almost forgot, the QuickSilver does not affect your wrrty.
Austin – Morris 1800S Exhaust & Manifolds – August 2007 – Markus – Austria
Dear Paul,
Just want to say thank you, great service, great exhaust, fits perfect and the sound is great.
Best regards from Austria
Aston Martin DB9 Sports Exhaust – July 2007 – Lou – USA
Hi There
I read your post on the Aston Martin website regarding sounds clips on the Quicksilver Exhaust
I have had a .. Quicksilver installed by my local Aston dealer in Tampa, Florida and it sounds great.
I have attached a sound bite of startup and a rev. Hope you can use it.
Thanx for making a great addition to my DB9
Aston Martin DB7 GT Sports Exhaust – July 2007 – Rik - UK
The Quicksilver is excellent, reasonably quiet when you so desire with a lighter foot but plenty of quality sound if required.
Only trouble is that you will wear out the window mechanism as it is surprisingly quiet with the window up and you don't want to miss anything.
No problem on motorways etc. No intrusive noise at all
Aston Martin V8 Vantage Sports Exhaust – July 2007 – K – CA USA
My V8V was on the showroom floor fitted with Quicksilver Super Sport. I would say it contributed greatly in my purchase decision after I heard it.
Suddenly I didn't care about the lack of GPS or Bluetooth.
Putting my foot down while driving under an overpass or through a tunnel is one of life's little pleasures. Everyone comments on the great sound - even random people at lights.
One guy in a 911 "the looks of that car are great but, oh man, the sound!!!" but I digress...
From a performance angle, the Quicksilver website suggests a 20 HP gain from their system.
While it may or may not be that steep, I would wager that the removal of a fuse offers no HP gain.
Aston Martin V8 Vantage Sports Exhaust – July 2007 – TP - UK
I've got a "Quicksilver" exhaust on my car..... a little higher pitched and more refined than uncorked.....I like it a lot
Weights about half of the stock unit and really compliments the build quality of the car much better.
10,000k no issues with warning lights etc..... installed myself.
Aston Martin V8 Vantage Sports Exhaust – July 2007 – Andre - NY USA
I learned of Quicksilver from surfing the internet.
I recently purchased an Aston Martin Vantage & wanted something to put me above the rest. My dealer set up the Super Sports on a demo car for me right away.
Man let me tell you - Not only did throttle response improve but it added a few horses as well. It sounds & feels like you are in the Le Mans.
I highly recommend this system for anyone who wants to be above the rest and stand out with such a unique crisp sound.
I would pull up to a red light & a block away at all of the cafes, people were coming out to see the car making this fantastic sound.
I have told friends about it and they all reacted the same way I did. Shrugging it off as something ordinary like everyone else had & that’s why I'm writing this!
There is nothing ordinary about this system! Everyone’s jaw dropped, it is truly a remarkable system.
I highly recommend it!
Andre NYC
Aston Martin DB9 Sports Exhaust – July 2007 - Paul - UK
HI Paul
Thanks so much for the system, you have made me about 20 years younger!!!!!!!!!!
I keep getting those strange looks from the pedestrians as I give it a bit of right foot.
I can’t believe how easy it was to fit.
Thanks again
Lamborghini LM002 Sports Exhaust – July 2007 – Fahad – Saudi Arabia
Hi guys
I finally have the QuickSilver sport exhaust system on my LM002.
Its sooooooooo different than stock... its high in sound but not too much.
Its perfect - thanx chad for your help with this system.
It sounds better than any Countach i have heard....it sounds how a lm002 should sound.
Aston Martin Vanquish Sports Exhaust – July 2007 – Richard - Canada
OK! The Vanquish sounds like a wailing banshee from hell, can’t wipe the smile off my face.
The faster I go the louder it gets, lovvvvve it.
Thanks for creating it.
Richard - Canada
Range Rover Sport TDV8 Diesel Sports Exhaust – July 2007 – C – London
We have now fitted the Range Rover TDV8 system.
The feedback form the workshop is good
In terms of fit & positioning of the rear trims in the rear valence, this is also very good.
Apparently it sounds pretty good as well.
Mini Cooper S Sports Exhaust – July 2007 – Craig - USA
Man, this is amazing, the R56 Turbo exhaust was shipped just this past Thursday and it arrived here today (2 business days) from the UK!!
All I can say is WOW, this thing is purely a work of art. I can honestly say this is the nicest looking exhaust I have ever had for any of my 4 Mini's which include the Alta, Milltek, Supertrapp and JCW exhausts. Now, lets just hope it sounds/performs as good as it looks. ;-) The best part for me so far is that it weighs in at an extremely light weight of 19-20 pounds on my bathroom scale(thats as light as my R53 Supertrapp systems last season.
OK, now on to the tips. They look great! They have a slight upward angle towards the end that I would guess will look great on the R56, we will see shortly. ;-) Also, one other thing that is unique, the part that hooks into the cat is slightly flexible to allow for an easy install it appears, so, that will be really nice I would guess since it will be a bit easier to get proper fitment unlike some other exhausts I have had on my 1st gen Mini.
The install could literally be done within 20 minutes easily. I was amazed at how well everything fit, the tips fit absolutely flawless.
Thumbs up to Quicksilver on the flawless design!!!
Lotus Elise ‘Titanium’ Sports Exhaust – July 2007 - Mr R - Germany
Nicer sound than Lotus stage 2, looks perfect!
Aston Martin DB9 Sports Exhaust – July 2007 – Raffi
To best describe it in one word: WOW!
I'm thrilled with my new sport exhaust.
It's almost like driving a different car..a better one at that.
I immediately discovered a better throttle response, an increase in power, less heat in cockpit when using paddle shifting.
I highly recommend a QuickSilver switch to every DB9 owner.
Lotus Esprit Turbo - Sports Exhaust – July 2007 – Scott - Canada
Hello again ,,,
I wanted to email you to telll you how satisfied I am with the Quicksilver cat back exhaust system for my 90 Esprit SE .
It is more than I hoped for in regards to construction and sound.
My throttle response seems quicker and the engine is just running better over all.
Lamborghini Countach Sports Exhaust - May 2007 - A - Switzerland.
I just had the whole sound system removed from my car...and installed a Sport QuickSilver exhaust line instead
Maserati 3200GT – Sports Exhaust – June 2007 – Yves – Belgium
Yesterday, it went fine to mount the exhausts.
Indeed as you say they fit perfectly, but you need to find the trick.
It is a good engineering piece from Quicksilver and a fine product.
I really recommend to all Maserati drivers as is give back the true V8 sound of the engine.
Thank you
Lotus Elise 111R Sports Exhaust – May 2007 – Sean – UK
hi there
You sent me a QuickSilver bad boy all sing all dancing exhaust a few weeks ago, so just mailed you to say.
1st it was easy to fit.
2nd it sounds like the dogs bo******
... thank you so much Hanger 111 for pimping my ride !!!!!
Lancia 037 Exhaust – May 2007 – Mick - UK
Paul - A couple of years back you made a one off exhaust for my Lancia 037 - very good it was too!
I now need a one off exhaust for my Ex-works Fiat 124 Abarth.
I have left it a bit late as car is booked to go to Goodwood, Is this possible?
Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 Sports Exhaust – May 2007 - Sheila - Doha
Well, I believe the exhaust system you have sent us is excellent because I was advised today to order another one, exactly the same what we have ordered before.
Lotus Elise 111R Sports Exhaust – May 2007 – Dominic – Australia
(UPS collected Friday PM May 11th from UK and delivered Monday AM May 14th AM to Australia)
Hi Ben
I have received the exhaust.
Cheers and thanks for the great service
Jaguar XJ8 2005 Sports Exhaust – May 2007 – Jerry - USA
Great system, high quality parts.
Sounds Great
Before and after test drive shows how much the factory exhaust was holding it back
Jaguar XKR (2007) Sports Exhaust – May 2007 – Christopher – USA
We just ordered and installed our first XKR exhaust and I must say. WOW.
We cannot believe the difference in the sound and even the performance.
The car sounds like a DB7 GT. Incredible.
Lamborghini Murcielago Sports Exhaust – May 2007 – Joseph - USA
Sports Exhaust – Secondary Cat-Pipes – 4 x 4” Quad Tips
I installed the QuickSilver in my Murcielago and the thing is loud…!
The sound is like a cross between a race bike and an Indy car in high rpm's with a deep growl in low rpm's .
But a big difference in performance as well .
The 4 pipe exhaust tips i put on look great and get compliments on them daily .
If you want the car to be able to sound really loud/mean install them , and you can just drive the car in a higher gear if you want to keep the noise down . Thats what i do .
I have 2 of the 4 cats of the car out , so if you want to keep it more quiet , leave the cats in and don’t install the cat by pass.
I had Tubi in my Diablo SV and wasn’t that crazy about it as the sound wasn’t what I was looking for .
Bentley Continental GT Sports Exhaust System – May 2007 – Dustin Woods ‘Modified Luxury & Exotics’ Magazine (May 2007) – USA
‘QuickSilver Supplied their ‘Sports’ exhaust system which ensures that exhaust volume and flow increase in proportion with rpm. The result is a deep robust tone at low engine speeds and a crisper, higher pitch as the speed of the massive W12 increases.
The last thing you want is for your Bentley to sound like a jet-fuelled dragster. Thankfully, this system maintains the refinement and class of the original system, (it is manufactured in England after all), while adding some welcome moxie.
Not only does the system sound cherry, but it also adds 28 ponies and weighs 29 lbs less than OEM’.
Porsche 996 GT3 RS Sports Exhaust System and Manifolds – October 2006 – Chris Knapman ‘GT Porsche’ Magazine (October 2006) – UK
‘Incredibly, the system reduces weight by over 25 – 30 kilos over the back axle, which plays an important part in making the RS feel so alert and adjustable at the limit.
Combined with an engine remap the exhaust also liberates a further 20bhp on the RS’s stable of 381, as well as gains in mid-range torque that add a subtle layer of extra muscle to the power delivery’.
Ford Zephyr 6 Stainless Exhaust – May 2007 – Alan Anderson ‘Classic Cars FS’ Magazine (June 2007) – UK
‘Now that QuickSilver Exhausts have made and supplied a stainless steel exhaust system that old straight six sounds nice and sweet once again.
We heartily recommend QuickSilver systems – the nut & bolt precision fit of the QuickSilver system made it enjoyable and more than worthwhile’.
Lotus Exige S Sports Exhaust System and Manifold – May 2007 – Paul - UK
QuickSilver Manifold – Sports Cat – ‘Titanium’ System
Looks amazing, Sounds Fab, Better throttle response and acceleration,
Customer says ‘Sounds Superb - over the moon’
Aston Martin V8 Vantage Sports Exhaust – May 2007 – PC - UK
Better fit than factory AM system
Aston Martin DB9 Sports Exhaust – April 2007 – Nick - USA
Just wanted to let you know that we finally installed that DB9 exhaust.
I actually stuck around late to help the tech with the install.
The fit was excellent, and the sound..... All I can say is wow. I love it.
We even had the sales people come have a listen, they were so impressed they wanted to get one for the demo car.
The car gets delivered to the customer on Monday I will let you know how they liked it. Thanks again and best regards.
Lamborghini Murcielago Super Sports Exhaust – April 2007 – Joseph - USA
I just added the QuickSilver exhaust to my Murci and it sounds insane !!!
I installed the cat by-pass as well.
Sounds Great.
I had tubi on my diablo sv and the QuickSilver sounds 100 x better.
Just wanted to pass the reco along, if you are looking for exhaust and want a really mean sound then definitely check out this system !!!
Aston Martin V8 Vantage Sports Exhaust – April 2007 - Paul – UK
SuperSports Plus system
Fit was superb.
Sound fantastic!
Customer took to local track day last weekend – down the back straight it sounded like a Spitfire taking off.
Lotus Exige 2 Manifold, Race Cat & ‘Titanium’ Sports Exhaust – April 2007 – Rob – Australia
QuickSilver Manifold – Sports Cat – ‘Titanium’ System
I am extremely happy with the system now. I am even happier about the fact there was no cutting involved to complete the modifications, hence it has retained its functional and visual integrity.
With regards to performance, I have noted the following:
1/ A clear improvement in throttle response. The engine seems to climb through the rev range much quicker. Having said this, there is a significant amount of "popping" on deceleration, and the acceleration tone should be crisper
2/ A significantly lighter car, and I believe I can note the difference whilst driving, as these sorts of cars feel differences in weight much more so than other performance vehicles, due to their light weight and relatively low torque engines.
3/ A fantastic engine note, particularly when the VVT activates at 6,200RPM, albeit a little loud. Having said this, there are many vehicles on the road in Australia, such as Subaru WRXs, Mitsubishi Evos, with much louder systems, hence I do not believe this will cause any issues from a legal perspective. This should provide your business with the confidence to further market your systems in Australia.
4/ Visual impact. You will note from the photo of the rear of the vehicle, the system is now far more exposed due to the elimination of the heat shield on either side of the number plate fixing plate (I actually removed this myself whilst the spacers were being made for the exhaust mount brackets on Saturday). The excellent finish of the Quicksilver system is clearly evident, and matches the overall aesthetic / exposed mechanical nature of the car (as the engine is also quite exposed due to the gauze cover on the rear bonnet). The car really does look very impressive now.
In closing, I could not be happier with your system
I will email you the video files of the static and drive by acoustics, including additional vehicle photographs early next week, as this is most likely the first opportunity I will get to take this footage and photos.
Thankyou for your co-operation Peter. I would now be pleased to recommend your system to fellow Exige owners in Australia
Lotus Elise Ser 1 Sports Exhaust – April 2007 – G – UK
Hi Paul.
Many thanks.
My customer was at Snetterton yesterday and he is delighted with it
Others commented that they too preferred it to their Janspeed systems!
Jaguar XJS V12 Stainless Exhaust – April 2007 – Bas – Netherlands
Hi Paul,
We fitted the Jaguar XJS Rear system last Friday and we like to report it was a good fit.
Customer is very pleased with the result.
You were right about the intermediate boxes. These we’re actual Cats !
Maserati 3200GT & Lancia Thema 8:32 Sports Exhaust – April 2007 – Andrew – UK
I have already purchased a pair of your rear exhaust sports boxes for my Maserati 3200GT which I am over the moon about.
And, ages ago, you fitted a complete stainless exhaust system to my Lancia Thema 8:32
- now I must turn my attention over to my latest project.
Renault Clio V6 Sports Exhaust– April 2007 - Jainey – UK
Loud ‘OMG’ Exhaust
It's loud......

But...you know what....I wouldn't take it off for the world....changing down, when it pops and backfires, burbling away - then there's motorway bridges.....shutting up Chavs....the whole 9 yards....it sounds the dogs b*llocks......

GET THE OMG...!!!! You might momentarily regret it at various points, but for the most part it sounds absolutely amazing.....!!!!

Jaguar XKR 2007 Sports Exhaust – April 2007 – Nick – UK
Hi Paul
Well - got the car back about 5pm cannot quite believe the difference an exhaust has made.
What do you think the gain is in BHP or is it the weight saving over the OEM system?, your system is much lighter
Anyway the car is flying and at full throttle in third its sound is like a jet engine
(If the other mods are half as good I'll be very pleased).
Jaguar XKR 2007 Sports Exhaust – April 2007 – Alan – UK
The service was excellent from everyone and the exhaust sounds
Maserati Ghibli Exhaust – April 2007 – Bernhard - Germany
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen
Just this weekend I installed the exhaust system bought end of last year into my 1970 Maserati Ghibli.
Great fit and great sound!
Thank, best regards,
Renault Clio V6 SuperSports Exhaust – April 2007 –François - France
Dear Paul
I received the exhaust, it is perfect.
Happy of my purchase and contented to have made deal with you. with the pleasure, still thank you for all.
It goes without saying that I you will recommend has my friends of the CLIO V6 passion
Kind regards
Aston Martin Vanquish S Sports Exhaust – April 2007 – PB – UK
Fitted well in under 2 hours, we had to adjust the tips to get them just right.
The car sounded great, sounded like a Formula One car – Fantastic
Added over 20 bhp.
Customer is very happy.
Bentley GTC Sports Exhaust – April 2007 – Stuart – UK
Customer was delighted with your system.
Said that it was the best thing that has done to the car.
‘He can now hit 100mph by the end of his drive’
Aston Martin DB9 Sports Exhaust – April 2007 – Richard – UK
We had a car in our workshop with one of your exhausts.
Previously we had noticed a ‘hole’ in the power at around 5000 rpm.
With the QuickSilver system there was no ‘hole’.
Ford Zephyr 6 Stainless Exhaust –April 2007 - Alan – UK
Hi Ben
Just a quick note to say thanks for the exhaust for our Ford Zephyr.
It fitted a treat and we are very impressed with the quality which we of course highlight in the magazine.
All the best
Renault Clio V6 Sports Exhaust (Loud ‘OMG’ version) – C - UK
Had the KTEC box for a few months and sold it to buy the Quicksilver ‘Oh My God’ exhaust.
Haven't looked back yet.
It's awesome.
Every time I drive it I love the sound it makes. I don't even have the stereo on anymore.
Fitted it in about 30 mins and remember the noise when it started up.
Get loads of pop backs and throps when it's warm too.

Buy one mate if you don't you will wish you had further down the line!
LOTUS ELISE 111R ‘Titanium’ Sports Exhaust – J - USA
I LOVE the sound of your exhaust system.
It is unlike any other Japanese-engined after-market exhaust, and just the right sound for that little blue devil.
Keep up the great work.
Bentley GTC Sports Exhaust – March 2007 – Martin - Germany
Our customers are very happy with the system, the sound is really amazing.
Lotus Esprit Turbo Sports Exhaust – March 2007 – U - UK
What a sexy system this is
Bentley Flying Spur Sports Exhaust – March 2007 – C – USA
My father has a Flying Spur and he bought a QuickSilver exhaust for it.
When it was installed the exhaust sounded amazing, but didn’t take away from the elegance of the car.
The sound of the exhaust is sporty but not in bad taste as to take away from the look and style of the car.
Lotus Elise 111R ‘Titanium’ Sports Exhaust - March 2007 – Jud - USA
Your excellently engineered product and outstanding customer service is appreciated and shall be communicated to every "tuner-head" and Lotus owner I come across.
More than ever it seems that honest testimonial support is the finest form of marketing.
I would be happy to provide such testimonial support to your firm's website or other marketing medium if you would like.
Thanks for all your help, goodwill, and design prowess.
Lamborghini 350GT Manifolds – March 2007 – C - USA
I had QuickSilver make a pair of headers for my 66 Lamborghini 350 last year and they were a perfect fit.
I will send you some photos in the next few days and see what we can do to get the project (Maserati 5000GT) going.
Thanks again.
Aston Martin V8 Vantage Sports Exhaust – March 2007 - T – USA
I've had the QuickSilver installed for approx 6 months, although I had "uncorked" mine days after delivery that heavy inefficient piece of junk exhaust had to go!
The QuickSilver is much lighter and more refined suiting the rest of the cars build quality, sound is just about perfect.....slightly higher pitched than the uncorked stock.
QuickSilver sells 2 versions of this exhaust, sport and super sport.....they shipped me the super sport version, tried it for a couple of weeks but it was just too loud to live with everyday.
They promptly exchanged for the sport version, great service.
Aston Martin DB7 V12 Sports Exhaust – March 2007 – Dirk – Germany
Hello Quicksilver-Team.
Such a sport exhaust I have for my Aston Martin DB7 Vantage Coupe searched.
It is very exactly finished for a fast and easy assembly.
The new sound is indescribably very, deep and not to importunately, simple the insanity.
Thank you for the good consultation.
Maserati 4200 GT Sports Exhaust – March 2007 – Simon – UK
Hi Ben
The Guy loved the sound and so did we.
We will call you again
Thanks for all your help
Jaguar XKR (2007) Performance Exhaust – March 2007 – JM - UK
The car is now fantastic !!!! J
The radio has not been on since the exhaust being fitted ! and I am driving around with a silly grin.
Lotus Esprit Turbo Performance Exhaust – February 2007 – Håkan - Sweden

Last year I ordered a stainless steel twin tail exhaust system from you, and I´m very satisfied!
Now I would like to modify my other car
Lamborghini Murcielago Sports Exhaust – February 2007 – Ken – USA
Many compliments are given on the exhaust tone on my Murci.
Lotus Elise Sports Exhaust – February 2007 – B - USA
I can't seem to get away from the tunnels on hwy 26 going into Portland.
The sound of the Quicksilver exhaust just makes me giddy.
Lotus Elise ‘Titanium’ Sports Exhaust system – February 2007 – TT - USA
Yesterday, I installed the Titanium QS. Install went relatively smoothly. I decided the silver exhaust shielding looked horrible through the rear left grill, so I took the whole rear license valence off, and as part of QS install, painted out the silver exhaust insulation high temp black. Much, much better. Frankly, getting that bad boy off and back on was the worst part of the exercise. The weight of the stock unit was 24.8 lbs, less than noted in other places, but I had popped the weld off the clamp so that might move it over 25 lbs if it had been on the OEM exhaust. I found the Ti exhaust to be beautiful, and the welds on mine were not much worse that what I saw on the Stage 2 Lotus at the dealer. QS Ti exhaust weighed 11.4 lbs, savings of approx. 14 lbs. The Ti QS exits similarly to the Stage 2, just below diffuser. It was really easy to get the Ti QS centered perfectly to come out stock holes in diffuser. I got it first time, without even a “trial” fit with diffuser. How? I measured from the lowest body point left and right (where the two perpendicular diffuser screws attach) to the center of the tips – moved the exhaust back and forth till they were exactly equal both sides. When I put the diffuser back on, the pipes were PERFECTLY centered. I did note that the place where the pipe comes out of the exhaust can (right end looking from rear), at the point just after the pipes turns 180 degrees and heads back left (towards exhaust tips) was fairly close the alumimun shielding. I was able to install exhaust without touching, but I had to rotate the exhaust slightly forward to get it to have the most space
Okay, sound. First, let me say that I am in break in so I have not comments about sound “on the cam”. I did note right off that idle sound is louder and deeper. It has a slight burble too, even at idle. It is not offensive but definitely louder. It actually seems that the loudness is highest at 3000 – 4000 rpm and with resonance to the extent there is any, more around 3000 vs. 4000. On the throttle, it is definitely louder and meaner sounding than stock from idle to 4000 but above that it almost seems to level off. I put it in 5th and cruised at 55 to 60 and had NO resonance at even throttle. When I opened it up from there, it was loud but actually really wonderful sounding. Probably most fun is when you shift, its pops beautifully in between most shifts. The popping and burbling is deep and sounds like the car should sound. I did notice I almost seem to get the most resonance (droning) when I left OFF the gas from 4500 or so on down. That is okay with me. It is early, I haven’t gotten it up in the RPM range, but I am in love with this exhaust. If you light foot it on accelerating, you can keep the tone down. If you want the noise, just nail it. And in between, the pops and burbles sound incredibly cool and appropriate. And 14 lbs less weight, and frankly the exit just below the diffuser are really good by me. I will see if I can get a recording once I get through break in.

I recognize this sounds stupid, but it seems like I could feel a performance difference (supposed to be dyno’ed for 6 HP) but its probably my imagination
It is the lightest of all the "through the diffuser" aftermarket exhausts. EVERY ONE loves the sound of it. On the second cam, it is positively outrageous. Its expensive but if money isn't your primary concern, I'd recommend it. Quality was/is good. Some people have reported welds that did not look really pretty. Mine was absolutely good quality.
Lotus Elise 111R Performance Muffler – February 2007 – Jim - USA

I love the sound!
It's pretty loud and gets slightly louder with time.
It has a nice mellow tone at idle and screams at WOT.
Lots of pops and burbles when the throttle is abruptly lifted
BTW, I get as many comments on the sound of my car as the looks.
Jaguar X Type 3.0 Sports Exhaust – February 2007 – PB – UK
‘Sounds Fantastic’
Renault Clio V6 Supersports Exhaust – February 2007 – Alex - UK
Hi, my Dad got his exhaust from you guys for his Renault Clio V6 and it was great.
I would like to get an exhaust for my 06' Fiat
VW T4 Transporter Exhaust – February 2007 – Jørn - Denmark
The fit is perfect and the sound as well.
Well, I had to do a 500km.trip the day after the fitting. The roads were full of salt and water so I think it is too late to take pictures now.
The sound/noise is perfect ,even at 120km/pr,hour
Ford Taunus P7 Exhaust – February 2007 – Alex - Germany
Hello Paul
Thank you very much for this great service.
Mini Cooper S (new 2007 Turbo model) Cat Back Sports Exhaust – January 2007 – Tom – UK
Thanks again!
Aston Martin DB7 Vantage Sports Exhaust – December 2006 - TK - UK
Great noise, great quality, no self respecting Vantage owner should be without….
Aston Martin DB7 Vantage Sports Exhaust – December 2006 - Nick - UK
I'm very pleased and it put's driving through tunnels into a new dimension!
Aston Martin DB7 Vantage Performance Exhaust – December 2006 - Rick - UK
The centre section has now arrived and is leaning against the wall in the hall. It is far too nice to hide away.
I was most impressed with the way it was packed. It reminded me of an unfortunate skier on return from holiday.
Exhaust now on and sounds fantastic. A deeper note at tickover and low revs than I thought it would be, which I like
It took the local garage a couple of hours to fit so that was just over £.100.00.
All in all very well worth doing.
Now tested at a constant 70 - 75 and perfectly OK and quiet.
A great balance - the right amount of noise when you want it.
Aston Martin V8 Vantage Sports Exhaust – January 2007 – T - UK
I have installed the Quicksilver exhaust on mine.....well actually i've installed 2 of them, there's a "sport" and "super sport" versions available.
Originally installed the super sport, way too loud for everyday day driving.....was fun for a few days mind you!
Can't say much to confirm any horsepower increase., much lighter and better built than the stock unit with a slightly higher pitched exhaust note.
Aston Martin DB9 Sports Exhaust – January 2007 – Nigel - USA

I purchased your exhaust for my ‘05 Aston DB9 and absolutely love it.
Thanks. Nigel.
Lotus Elise 111R Performance Muffler – October 2006 – S - USA
I had a QS exhaust on my first Elise for 20,000 miles, no rub, no need to cut anything, and it sounded awesome.

…my exhausts were obtained from Sector111 - the best!
Lotus Elise 111R Sports Muffler – October 2006 – E - USA
Have had a QuickSilver on my Elise for five of its six thousand miles and I really like it.
In my opinion it's just loud enough and produces a deep quality sound. It also has a great sound when up on the cams.
There was no need for me to trim anything when I installed it.
It was worth the $$$.
Aston Martin DB9 Sports Exhaust
Lamborghini Murcielago Sports Exhaust
Lamborghini LP640 Sports Exhaust – December 2006 – Khaled - Kuwait
I own a 2003 Lambo Murc and a 2007 Lambo LP640 plus a 2006 DB9 I installed QuickSilvers systems on all cars and it's amazing.
The 2003 Murc has secondary catpipes plus the sports systems and Custom quad pipes, the second generation pipes - they look great.
The car sounds like a real F1 car - real loud.
The LP640 sounded good to start off > with the Sports system it was one of the greatest sounds I've ever heard.
The workmanship on the QuickSilver products is second to no one, I've been tuning for years. I've bought many different exhausts for Porsches, Ferrari, Lamborghini by far I've never seen or heard anything better than QuickSilver. From now on I'll only have QuickSilvers on my cars.
Last, I forgot the most important part the POWER increase was amazing on all cars mostly the 2003 Murc. To tell your the truth I don't think it's road legal in any country in the world it's real loud and after u drive it for a hard run little flames shoot out of the pipes - I love it.
I will be running this car in the 2007 Gumball rally I want everyone to hear the car and to see the amazing work u guys do.
And as for NUMERO DEI GIRI in Kuwait the service was perfect and very good on time with the LP sports and Abdulla choose the Quad tips and I love them on the car. I will be a loyal customer to QuickSilver in the future and I will recommend your products to everyone.
Thank u again for all your great help.
Jaguar S Type R Sports Exhaust – December 2006 – Charles - UK
Very nice system, everything was OK.
Looks superb & terrific finish.
The best system I have seen on an S type R.
I am very chuffed.
Maserati Quattroporte (2006) Sports Exhaust – December 2006 – RW – USA
Fitted good and sounded real nice.
Owner was jiggled to death - (that’s good !).
Mercedes 600 W100 Exhaust – December 2006 – Manfred – Germany
Just right…Fits perfectly.
Thank you
Mini Cooper S Racing Exhaust – December 2006 – Taylor – UK
SuperSports System
Thought I’d post an update after fitting my Quicksilver.

Anyway as for fitting the Quicksilver - Wow how easy was that!
Bolted everything together and in place by hand; made a few adjustments so everything lined up well and then went through to tighten it all up!

Then was the bit I wasn't sure about........turning the key and hearing the tone!

What a treat I was in for - really surprised and happy with the tone.
I was told the QuickSilver wasn’t very loud so I was a bit worried about it as I’d not heard one but it’s just spot on – it’s certainly not overly loud on the inside or the outside.
It's spot on when I start it up (real grunt!) and not too loud when driving around but certainly does add some aggression and attracts the odd turned head.
If you really get the right peg down it can make some genuine noise too - the tone is just great!!!

I know they make claims about improved performance but I wasn't expecting anything here but again the car really does seem to shift now.

And finally just to cap it all off the twin oval pipes look the dogs - never been a fan of the standard pipes and that was really my only complaint about the back of my car - this has really sorted it out though; just looks mint!!!

Really, Really impressed with the QuickSilver SuperSport!
Bentley Continental GT Performance muffler – December 2006 – H – USA
I was very pleased with the polish and finish work on these systems.
I feel we can do very well with these particular systems here
Aston Martin Vanquish Sports Exhaust – December 2006 – Brian – USA
Just wanted to let you know the installation went great, no problems at all.
The sound is perfect and the heat wrap on the inlet is a very good idea as the stock heat blankets don't really fit on that section.
I think the customer will be very happy.
Thanks for all your help
Range Rover Sport 4.2 S/C Sports Exhaust – December 2006 – Chas - UK
The Range Rover system was a great success.
It looked very good and it sounded very good.
Most importantly, the customer liked it.
Aston Martin DB9 Performance Exhaust – November 2006 – Christopher - USA
I wanted to let you know that the exhaust we ordered did not even last in our store for one day.
It arrived and before we even had a chance to put it on a demo we had a client purchase it.
Wow, what a difference. I was blown away.
Lamborghini Countach Sports Exhaust – November 2006 – OS – UK
Yes....QuickSilver was my choice also.
Sounds great and spits flames!
Ferrari F355 Spider Sports Exhaust – November 2006 - Adam - UK
I have a Quicksilver on my Spider and it makes a lovely noise, we did an exhaust comparison at a meet a while ago with five different exhausts (I'll see if Angelis will post them up for me).
It has to be said the Tubi sounded the most feeble, and that was compared to a standard too!!! X-ost are good, Hudson has a Novitech and thats awesome
Quicksilver for me every time tho..!!
Mercedes SL500 R230 (2004) Sports Exhaust – November 2006 - Tim – UK
Beautiful Fit,
Quiet at Tickover
Not obtrusive at slower speeds
Sounds Very Well at higher speeds - it can never be loud enough!
Will recommend this to others.
Thank you.
Aston Martin DB4 Exhaust – November 2006 – Chris - UK
Our DB4 came in with an apparently good system but a horrible sound & too loud.
The customer couldn’t stand it but was reluctant to order another exhaust without a firm belief that it would be better.
Your system is not just good, it is perfect!
It has the correct Fluffy sound at tickover with a fabulous growl at 3000rpm - but not too loud.
There is none of that previous horrible resonance
The customer would be happy driving to the South of France
It sounds like an Aston should!
Thank you
Aston Martin Vanquish Exhaust – October 2006 – Ben – UK
SuperSports System
Sounds awesome.
Over 2000 rpm blows grannies off their bicycles.
More like a racecar.
Customer was over the moon !
Renault Clio V6 Racing Exhaust – October 2006 – Matt - UK
‘SuperSports’ System
Dear Quicksilver,
Just wanted to say how pleased I am with the new SuperSports system on my Clio V6.
It sounds absolutely amazing and really shows off the V6 grow (something which the original disguised)!
Many Thanks,
Lamborghini Gallardo Sports Exhaust – October 2006 – L – USA
‘Sports’ System
Just got back from the show and from having my QuickSilver exhaust put on.
Sounds awesome, gained power, lost 31 pounds.
It's guttural like the Countach was (I had an 87 QV Carb) - and it has more power
I love this exhaust as the car is less likely to stall at launch and is all around more drivable.
(The Black Gallardo being revved has QuickSilver Sports system).
Maserati Quattroporte V8 Sports Exhaust – October 2006 – Mikael - Sweden
In the beginning of 2005 I bought a sport system for my Maserati Quattraporte V8-99.
I’m very satisfied with the exhaust system regarding function and sound.
I would also like to ask you about two other exhaust systems?
Aston Martin DB7 V12 Sports Exhaust – October 2006 – Charles – USA
Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that the system arrived today and it looks great.
That was very fast turn around from placing my order to doorstep.
I fitted the system on Saturday with a friend and everything went together fine.
The sound is great and I am very happy with the system.
Renault Clio V6 Sports Exhaust - October 2006 – Philip – UK
‘Sports’ system
Fitting was really, really good.
Sound is superb.
Really Pleased !
Lamborghini Gallardo Sports Exhaust – October 2006 – Chris – UK
SuperSports system
I`ve gone for QuickSilver staight through pipes but kept the Cats.
Lancia Thema 8:32 (Ferrari Engine) Exhaust – October 2006 – Hajime - Switzerland
It sound exactly as the original exhaust did.
I somehow expected it would sound a bit louder in volume and higher in pitch but it was not the case.
I appreciate your craftmanship and patience.
With best regards,
Renault 25 Exhaust – July 1992 to 0ctober 2006 – Mr Atkinson – UK
The enclosed (2 x Guarantee Cards) are probably for your wastepaper basket.
The Exhaust system lasted longer than the Renault to which fitted.
Many Thanks for 14 years trouble free
Lamborghini Countach Exhaust – October 2006 – Eric – Singapore
Hi Paul,
Just a short note from Singapore to let you know that the Exhaust System has just been delivered to my mechanic in Switzerland.
Hopefully, it will fit to the engine and will hold its promises, so you won't hear from me in the next 25 years.
Thank you very much for your assistance.
Have a nice weekend
Best Regards
Aston Martin V8 Vantage Sports Exhaust – October 2006 – MH – UK
'SuperSports' System
Just to let you know that I have received my SuperSports system and fitted it.
My God, is it a noise !! - Fantastic Sound !!
In fact it is a right, nice piece of kit.
I don’t know about more power but the throttle response is definitely crisper.
First Class Postal service too.
My guess is that may probably be too loud for someone using their cars for 70 mph motorway journeys but for me it is ideal.
Thank you!
Ferrari 550 Sports Exhaust – August 2006 – ‘WYO’ - USA

The one thing Fiat seems to have done with Ferrari, is impose a "global car" mentality on the design criteria for things like exhaust.
For example, the world's entire inventory of 550's all meet the tough Swiss noise standards.

OK, so here come the after-market exhaust system companies, chasing the gold - without ANY real engineering of performance into their products because most drivers just want a LOUDER car!

In my considered opinion, most aftermarket mufflers (regardless of make of car they're installed on) emphasize the mid-range of human hearing - with no regard to the harmonics that extend down into the sub-sonic and up into the ultra-sonic. They do this mid-range emphasis to make the system seem louder and more nasty!

But (in regards to Ferrari aftermarket systems) I personally find the Tubi/ Capristo sound crass and brittle because of their emphasis on the "LOOK AT ME" mid-range.
So, in 2005, I installed a pair QuickSilvers on my 550.
One manufacturer of $100,000 stereo speakers (and a 550 owner) says this is the best sound HE ever heard on a Ferrari, because of the harmonics being audible both up and down from the mid-range!
It gives the sound a resonance that I've noticed even deer in Yellowstone pay attention to...and smile at.
De Tomaso Pantera Exhaust – April 2005 – Steve - Ireland
I had Quicksilver make a pair of rear mufflers for my Pantera.
I had just fitted a new engine with larger headers and needed muffers with 3" pipework but wanted them stock in appearance.
I was also asked to choose between a normal, sports or supersport spec.
Panteras are LOUD anyway so I choose the normal baffle type.
They are very well made and exactly what I asked for.

Ferrari 550 Cat-Pipes – July 2005 – Stephen - Australia
The performance improvement is immediately noticeable from 3K onwards.
In third and fourth gears, the car revs so quickly from 6K onwards it is impossible to not hit the rev limiter.
It is also pulling hard right into the limiter, so I really need an extra 500-750 rpm now.

I was hoping for an increase of around 30hp but it feels WAY more than that.
Removing the cats also saved 12kg, FYI
Lamborghini Diablo VT Performance Exhaust – May 2006 – Richard – USA
Just installed a Quicksilver exhaust system on my 95 VT, thanks to Andrew from Midwest Lambos and George from Evans Auto in Ohio, thanks for the help and advice guys.
The performance is very noticeable, much better acceleration, not to mention tremedous heat and weight reduction.
Has a very low pitched growl, unlike the high pitched MS or Kreissieg systems.
The car has no cats and flows so much better now.
The cat resonators really make the sound manageable.
Lamborghini Gallardo Sports Exhaust – September 2006 – Weng - Singapore
I have just received the Super Sports exhaust.
Packing is great!
It has been a great pleasure doing business with you.
Many Thanks & Cheers
Dr Kok-Weng CHAN
Ferrari 308 Racing Exhaust – March 2006 – JB - USA
'SuperSports' System
Oh by the way, I love my Quicksilver.
Sounds good & looks even better.
I thought about replacing it (it is loud) then I came to my senses and got rid of that silly notion...
So far after much "trial" testing I still think it was the best exhaust I could have bought.
Ferrari Mondial Sports Exhaust – December 2005 – Andrew - UK
I've got a Quicksilver on my Mondial, good quality and good value
Ferrari P4 Replica Exhaust – December 2005 – James - UK
Quicksilver have made up the exhaust system for my P4 replica and the work is first class.
When I was down there I heard their 355 system and it did sound very good.

Ferrrai 512 BB Sports Exhaust – December 2005 - Seb - UK
'SuperSports' System
Although both Tubi and Capristo are great systems, I find QuickSilver to be the most competitive and of equal, (if not better) quality.
Systems come in 3 levels of 'Noise'... Standard (Loud), Sports, (Very Loud) & Supersports, (Don't Ask!).
I have a Supersports system on the Boxer which sounds absolutely fabulous.
I would highly recommend them and their prices cannot be beaten ? Just a suggestion, but you guys all seem to be Tubi fans ?

BTW, I have nothing to do with them, just think they make a great product.

Ferrari 360 Sports Exhaust – September 2006 - Pap - Australia
WOW!! Thanks for posting this vid.
I love the sound of the Quicksilver exhaust. They all sound great, but I love that one. Thanks again.
Ferrari 328 Sports Exhaust – December 2005 - Rhett - USA
I had one (a QuickSilver) on my ‘89 328 which replaced a TUBI.
The quality of the sound and build is on par or better than TUBI in my honest opinion.
Ferrari 328 Performance Exhaust – December 2005 – Chris - USA
Quicksilver fabricated my headers from scratch.. and had them on my doorstep in Detroit (from London) in 10 Days.
I think it was quite a bargain.

They look good and fit like a glove.
Ferrari 348 Sports Exhaust – September 2006 – Danny – Hong Kong
This is Danny from Hong Kong who purchased a 348 SuperSport system off you in July.
It is now finally fitted and you are right, it sounds great.
Jaguar XKR Sports Exhaust – September 2006 - David - UK
I am absolutely amazed at the transformation of my XK.
She was wonderful before, but now she looks and sounds fantastic inside and out.
Jaguar XKR Sports Exhaust – September 2006 - Chris - UK
I'm absolutely chuffed to bits, the car looks and sounds fantastic, the exhaust tone is just right
I just can't stop grinning every time I drive her
the presentation and attention to detail was very refreshing
Jaguar XJR (2005) Sports Exhaust – August 2006 – Paul – UK
Splendid sound!
Crisp at higher rpm without being over the top.
Fitted fine. I wish all systems fitted as well as yours.
Good Job & Well done
Jaguar S Type V6 (2001) Sports Exhaust – August 2006 – Justin - UK
Sounds Great.
Tickover is nice & deep
When you rev, it has a nice crackle
It looks good too – better than your picture in fact.
Opel Kadett Exhaust – August 2006 – Bas – Netherlands
We want you to know that we have fitted the Opel Kadett system last week and we can say it was a perfect fit !!!
Our compliments to the builder !
Our customer is very happy with the results.
Thank you all !
Lamborghini Mucielago Sports Exhaust – March 2005 – Simon - UK
Quad Exhaust Tip
It sounds wicked - crisper, and defo gets some attention.
Not quite as loud as the Tubi and is easier on your ears.
As I said it sounds the dogs.
Pagani Zonda style...?
Suzuki Cappuccino Sports Exhaust – March 2005 – David - UK
The Quicksilver system on my Cappuccino definitely improved its breathing!
Aston Martin V8 Vantage Sports Exhaust – August 2006 – David - UK
‘SuperSports System
Hi Paul
I purchased the super sport exhaust of you 3-4 weeks ago which its superb….
but unfortunately I live right in the middle of the Cotswolds and it is deafening all the residents
(NB – Quieter ‘Sports’ system supplied)
Lotus Elise 111R Ti System Racing Exhaust – August 2006 – Tim - USA
Hey Paul,
I just talked to customer w/titanium system. He is very happy…
He says he runs the car hard, and cannot keep away from 8500 rpms because it sounds so good the quicksilver on it J.
Jaguar XKR 4.2 Sports Exhaust – August 2006 - Tim - UK
Exhaust sounded great, looked tasteful too!
Aston Martin V8 Vantage Sports Exhaust – August 2006 - Scott - Canada
‘SuperSports System
Hi Peter,
The installation went well...took me probably 2-3 hours..
The new exhaust fitted perfectly with no issues, my only concern is that it is pretty loud.
Overall I do like the sound.....
PS...my sister commented that the car could "wake up the dead" when she heard me coming up the street to her house.
De Tomaso Mangusta Exhaust – August 2006 – Darryl - USA

You folks made up a custom set of headers and silencers for my 1969 DeTomaso Mangusta nearly two years ago.
Unfortunately, the lack of time and certain parts kept me from getting the system installed and getting the car running.
Only last week was I able to get the engine back in the car.
I just wanted to let you know that the headers and silencers fit perfectly, and that the system sounds and looks absolutely terrific.
I'm very pleased.
Thank you all so very much.

Aston Martin V8 Vantage Sports Exhaust – August 2006 - Neil – New Zealand
‘Sports’ System
Thought I’d let you know how the new Sports exhaust rates.
My overall impression is that there is a subtle but welcome increase in the ‘V8 warble’ when accelerating moderately at low/medium revs…up to 4000.
The standard system is basically quiet over the same range.
…again, very subtle.
Jaguar XK8 (2007 model) Sports Exhaust – July 2006 – Paul - USA
‘This sounds fantastic..
As good as promised – we are satisfied’.
Ferrari 365 GTC/4 ‘USA’ Sports Exhaust – July 2006 – Dale - USA
The exhaust is installed!
It sounds great and the quality is excellent!
Thanks very much,
Aston Martin DB9 Sports Exhaust – July 2006 – Bernard - UK
Just a quick note to say how I'm finding the new exhaust on my DB9.
Absolutely Brilliant !! ( Bit of a pain driving with the window down all the time at 8,000 rpm though )
It's sounds like a cross between a Shelby Cobra and a raging bull.
Many thanks for the quicksilver turnaround with my order.
Jaguar XJR ‘Sports’ Exhaust system – July 2006 – Gerald – UK
Sounds great, Looks good, and the fitting > ‘it just fell on’ - 20 minutes. Much easier fit than the factory parts which usually need adjustment.
Just the right sound when accelerating & quiet enough when cruising.
I am very pleased.
Thank you.
Pegaso Z102 Exhaust – July 2006 – Claude - Spain
Dear Paul,
As promised, please find a set of photos of the Peagso Z102.
Very peculiar…The exhaust exits via the rear wings...
I will call you tomorrow
Maserati 430 Exhaust – July 2006 – Thomas - Austria

Dear Peter

Yesterday the exhaust system arrived us !!!
Many thanks for your help !!!!!!!
Hochachtungsvoll --- Kind regards -- cordiali saluti
Thomas Vavra
Renault Clio V6 Racing Exhaust – June 2006 – Anthony - UK
‘SuperSports’ system
Called just to say how much I enjoy the exhaust.
The exhaust looks and sounds fantastic.
Took the car on a trip through Europe and while going through a long tunnel alongside a Nobel, we were able to deafen everyone around.
I will certainly recommend QuickSilver’s Clio system.
Renault Clio V6 Sport Exhaust – June 2006 – Ernie – Hong Kong
Dear All,
Receive today! Fits perfectly & sounds amazing.
Once again, thanks very much for making me a great backbox & your great service.
Renault Clio V6 Sports Exhaust – June 2006 – Jon - UK
Dear All
‘I fitted the SuperSport system myself and all went as I had hoped.
It gives the sounds that I was after.
I will recommend you.
If you have any promotion material, I will happily stick it to the car!
Thanks to you all’
Aston Martin DB9 Sports Exhaust – June 2006 – Kauth & Mayer - USA
"The finest exhaust we ever heard!"
Audi RS4 (2007 model) Performance Exhaust – June 2006 - Simon - UK
“Your system was Bloody Good!
The Factory S Button made very minimal sound change so I was looking for something better.
Fitted straight on with no adjustment
Driving down to Le Mans, Travelling through tunnel very fast couldn’t hear the Aston Martin Vanquish next to me.
5000rpm doing 120mph sounds great didn’t distract me from the driving.
Wonderful pops & bangs on the overrun”.
Bugatti Type 57 Gangloff Exhaust – June 2006 – Bernard - Belgium
Hello Paul,
‘As promised (already a while ago), here are a couple of photographs of the Bugatti Type 57 Gangloff Coupé which we recreated/restored over the last years.
In total more than 5000 hours of labour!
Well described in the Classic Cars magazine of Jan. 2006.
I hope the pictures are suitable for your new brochure.
All the best’
Bernard Marreyt
Aston Martin V8 Vantage Sports Exhaust – June 2006 – Pepe - UK
‘Sports’ System
“The sound was less than expected (quieter), but this was made up for in the performance increase.
Aston Martin DB9 Sports Exhaust – June 2006 – Kenny – USA
Just installed the DB9 system today.
Sounds Great !!!!
Mini Saloon 1963 Exhaust – May 2006 – Julian – UK
‘Hi, thank you for the system - it looks very smart and well made. arrived yesterday.
Will recommend for a truly great service at all stages!.
Best wishes’
Aston Martin DB9 Sports Exhaust – April 2006 – Paul – London
‘Just fitted the exhaust.
You were right – AWESOME!’.
Range Rover Sport S/C Sports Exhaust – April 2006 – Philip – USA
‘The tips are perfect and no cutting was required.
System sounds stunning we love it and so does the customer
More photos on the way of the finished rear end
Range Rover Mk 3 S/C Sports Exhaust – April 2006 – Joshua – USA
“I have good news. The fit and finish is excellent. The sound is heart melting and to be desired and I have a witness that agrees with me so much that he has decided to place an order right away for a QuickSilver Sports Cat-Back Exhaust with Polished Twin Oval Tips for a 2006 Range Rover HSE Supercharged 4.2L with OEM Tow Package. I think price should be very close to the same as the last purchase because of very minor fluctuation of the pound compared to the dollar and I hope availability is good which means on the shelf and ready to be shipped.
"Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten."
Lotus Elise Ser 1 Sports Exhaust – April 2006 – Mark - UK
‘It hangs properly without being forced any particular direction, and all the resonance have gone.
Went for a bit a B road blast today and very happy with it - quiet, but nice sound’
Lamborghini Murcielago Spider Sports Exhaust – March 2006 – Omar – Switzerland
‘I wanted to thank you for your help. The car is done and the dealer has emailed me some pictures and a video.
I should be getting some better high resolution pictures when I get there by Monday.
They would not install the cat deletes pipes so I will let you know the final result when the pipes are in and the cats are out’.
Aston Martin DB9 Sports Exhaust – March 2006 – Mark - USA
‘Just picked up my DB9 with the new quicksilver exhaust system and its everything that it’s supposed to be!
Great sound at low rpms, fantastic sound upon acceleration, and not to much noise at normal highway speeds, and acceleration is improved as promised.
Thanks again.
Count me as a very happy customer!’
Austin Champ Exhaust – March 2006 – Hesketh – UK
I’ve fitted the other two sections – finer & dandy.
Some good quality welding on there (nice & clean)
Lotus Esprit Ser 1 ‘JPS’ Sports Exhaust – March 2006 – Bruce - USA
‘I do want to express my appreciation to you and the staff at Quicksilver for fabricating the super muffler for my JPS Esprit.
It arrived here w/no problems & excellent condition.
Thanks once again’.
Cheers - Bruce.
Ferrari 550 SPorts Exhaust – March 2006 – Olaf – Japan
‘Received them on Friday and had them installed today.
Amazing !! Already quite loud, my neighbors will hate me ...
Everything much much better, it's a real pleasure to really floor it and even at low revs it has a really deep tone, brilliant.
I thought about selling it, but now will definitely keep on enjoying it through the summer at least.
Olaf Kasten
Lotus Exige 2 ‘Titanium System’ Racing Exhaust – March 2006 – Greg – UK
“Amazing sound which brings the car alive and makes it feel like there’s a lot more ‘oomph’. Sounds even better when the car is cold.
Couldn't believe the weight compare to claimed ‘lightweight’ Lotus Stg 2 system.
It's louder than previous Stage 2 Lotus exhaust, up to the Cam switch at which point it becomes much quieter.
Above point may make it a bit tiresome on longer journeys, but not yet sure as haven't done any!
It looks great.
The transition between low and high power bands (i.e. the cam switch point) appears smoother - which suggests to me there may be some mid range torque improvements”
Standard Companion (1961) Exhaust – February 2006 – Walt - USA
Dear Quicksilver Exhaust Systems:
‘I received the exhaust system today and in good order.
I must report that the the system looks to be 1st rate.
The welds appear solid and the steel is of good quality.
I'm looking forward to fitting it to my 1961 Standard Companion.
Thanks for the service’.
Walt Fogle
Mini Cooper S (2003) Sports Exhaust – February 2006 – Antranik - USA
Hey Alex
‘I love the Quicksilver because there was absolutely no drone on the inside while it can scream when pushed and has great burbley sounds.
Thank you for your help’.
Aston Martin DB9 Sports Exhaust – January 2006 – Alan - UK
‘Your USP’s in order of results should be: Performance, Handling, Sound’.
‘Performance feels much more alert, much more alive, especially mid-range – your estimate of +20 bhp is low’
‘I know how important lightness is from our BTCC involvement and I can certainly feel the difference at the wheel. It took two men to lift the old silencer down from the car and one man to refit yours’.
‘The Sound is just right & Most importantly – it retains the Aston Sound which was pretty good already’.
‘It has more depth and volume at lower & medium rpm without being too loud at higher speeds’.
‘Fitted Beautifully’.
Ford Capri Mk 1 Exhaust – January 2006 - Philippe – France
High quality exhaust line !!!
I've had a link in my web-page:
Capri Legend
and click on "PIECES".
Soon on
Ford Granada Consul web-site
Ferrari 250 Lusso Exhaust – December 2005 – Peter – UK
‘Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the system you made for my Lusso.
It fitted fine, sounds great and is the most even system I’ve seen. I am the sort of bloke who looks under cars and your system is the straightest & neatest I’ve seen.
The others I looked at are always uneven with pipes not parallel’.
Ford Sierra Cosworth Sports Exhaust – November 2005 – Karin – Switzerland
Dear Peter
The exhaust arrived in perfect order and was very easy to adjust to the car.
My husband would like to thank you for the good pre-work you did and he was very pleased about it.
It is a pleasure to work with.
Have a good time and talk to you soon,
Bentley Continental GT Sports Exhaust – October 2005 – Chris – USA
I just have one word to say about the Bentley exhaust, WOW!
It sounded incredible. What a beautiful piece.
The customer was very, very happy.
Now I need to sell some more!

Jaguar XJR Sports Exhaust – September 2005 – Malcolm – UK
Exhaust is Great!
Thank you
Lotus Elise Ser 1 Sports Exhaust – September 2005 – Rob - UK
Hi Peter/Paul
Just thought you'd like a quick update from this season.
You'll be happy to know that the exhaust handles 200+bhp with no problems at all.
I know the engine I purchased for this season was last dynoed at 190bhp, when it was installed in my car with different throttle bodies it produced around 12bhp more with good torque right through the rev range so very happy with that.
Plus the added bonus that the max dB didn't exceed 100 all year even with a CRP fitted.
Kind regards
Rob Clarke
Bentley Continental GT Sports Exhaust – September 2005 – Gavin - UK
Thought I would drop you a line to request an invoice for the GT exhaust you recently sent us, we sold the original exhaust on the previous demonstrator as the customer was happy with the look of the four pipes, we have fitted the new exhaust to our latest demo and it is one hundred times better in sound, we have referred you to another dealer who wants one for his customer and we require another two at this time, please advise on lead time so we can advise our customers accordingly.
I am delighted with the system and I know we will be selling a good number of these judging by the initial response and comment’s,
Many Thanks
General Manager
Lotus Elise 111R Sports Exhaust – July 2005 – John - UK
Thanks for this.
The system on my car I like. It's reasonably refined in steady state cruising mode which was my main concern, but on the other hand make the right noises when you want, and there is a glorious burble on the overrun, which keeps me wanting to change down a gear and listen! Interestingly, and I'm not sure why this should be, it's also drastically changed the note that I get from the ITG at the cam change point. Previously got a very distinct "bark' at 6200, which now has been softened. As I say, can't understand this, but it's not really a problem.
Have to say it looks good as well, although I hope you don't go down the upswept tail pipe route as I would definitely hanker to change as I think it would look so much better, and would also differentiate it from the (current) competition!
All the best
PS Also meant to say that the throttle response seems better. Guess as the ECU re-programmes itself things can only get better as well.
Alfa Romeo Spider Sports Exhaust – July 2005 – John - France
Dear Paul,
Your country must be supported! It is unqualifiedly it easy made an attempt!
Thanks for your work; it is my spider which will be happy
Best Regards
Standard Vanguard Exhaust – June 2005 – Richard - UK
Many thanks for the prompt delivery of the Vanguard exhaust, much appreciated.
Ferrari 328 Sports Exhaust – April 2005 – Nico - France
Subject: well done !
Just received the 328 exhaust and only one word to qualify it: - perfect.
The packaging was very secured and well done.
And the quality of this exhaust is really very good, really increased since the first I bought a few years ago for my 348.
When put on car, I will send you photos of the 328 and a sound that could be usefull.
Kind regards
And a big thanks from our club.
Mini Cooper S Sports Exhaust – February 2005 – Lindsey - USA
Hi Paul...
I just wanted to e-mail you and thank you for all of your help.
I received my exhaust today and it looks great.
I actually had my boyfriend adjust it the other day...I think that the pipes towards the beginning of the system were fitted too tightly together. It fits a lot better now,
I am very happy with my purchase.
Thanks again
Ford Ka Exhaust – February 2005 – Robert - Germany
Just fitted Ka system - all fitted well
When the Mercedes exhaust goes I will be back for another one!
Thank you
Range Rover Sports Exhaust – January 2005 – Zakaria - Kuwait
Dear QuickSilver,

We order a system for my cousins Range Rover, and man he is really happy!!!!
The car sound like an Aston Martin !!! - Same sound exactly, a proper British sound, I guess that Range Rover should strongly install this on all the vehicles !!!

I just came back from Kuwait we had so much fun! I am sending you a clip where we had a small test of Ahmads Range Rover with the QuickSilver on it and the other one which had the camera inside it was a bran new Range over 2004, check out the performance of the Quicksilver Range rover!! astonishing unbelievable!!! both cars was slamin the pedal to the floor! but the Range rover with the QS on it seams a much active car!!! i guess the system dose wonder to the car!

I just can not thank you enough we are really happy will your system it is something!

Now every body in Kuwait is going crazy about it, I decided to get a Range Rover just to install the system on it!!!

Inside the car you can not hear any noise so the ride is still luxurious as ever, but out it and when the car is down a gear, you can hear a Lion roar at the end!!

It is really great I hope that you can enjoy the clips

Thank you again

Range Rover Sports Exhaust – December 2004 – Fred - Canada
Thank-you Paul Goddard.
The Fed Ex driver found my place in the sticks yesterday and I installed the new exhaust today.
Once again I am very pleased.
Keep up the quality and the service.
In a couple of years I will need to replace the entire exhaust on my 1966 Volvo 1800S.
I'll be sure to buy it from you!
Fred Winterburn
Ferrari 365 GTC/4 Sports Exhaust – December 2004 – Jürg – Switzerland
Dear Peter,
Thanks for getting me GTC/4 exhaust.
Everybody is happy.
Best regards
Land Rover Sports Exhaust – December 2004 – Dave - UK
Subject: An Endorsement (of Sorts!)
I would just like to say that, I think your systems are excellent, beautifully made, & that it made the Land Rover a pleasure to drive.
Unfortunately, some "Low-life's" thought the same, & as such, I'm currently Land Roverless.
However, should I purchase another (already looking!), I will definitely consider another one of your systems, for it.
I'm sure the new "owner" is enjoying the exhaust just as much as I did! (the *******)
Dave King
Vauxhall Omega Exhaust – November 2004 – Nick – UK
Sorry about the delay but I'd just like to thank you for the exhaust system.
It was a doddle to fit and as you said, a perfect fit.
Lotus Elise Ser 1 Sports Exhaust – November 2004 – Rob - UK
Firstly, love the exhaust!
The cars throttle response is much improved over my old JanSpeed Supersports. Bottom end pickup is a lot cleaner and seems to have more torque.
Top end is as improved as the bottom with the car revving around to 7500rpm with hesitation - top job!!!
Just got back from having my car on the rolling road and thought you'd be interested in the results.
To say I am very impressed would be an understatement!
Basically the car hasn't changed since my last rolling road session apart from the addition of the QS exhaust.
Although peak power only increased by 1bhp, this isn't a fair result as my top end is needed a complete rebuilt (winter project) but the bottom/mid range improvement is fantastic.
Makes my old JanSpeed look a bit rubbish
BHP - Upto a 8bhp increase with an average of 5bhp across the rev range
Torque - Upto 9ft/lbs increase, again with an average of 5ft/lbs across the range, and it has reduced a nasty dip aourn 4000rpm
Dyno plots attached, white line is the new power and red is the old.
Kind regards
Lamborghini Countach Sports Exhaust – October 2004 – Terry - Spain
Just to say thanks for the system, it looks and sounds great.
If you require any references in the future please let me know.
They said they had no problem fitting it and was a direct match along all exhaust ports and all the way down to the silencers.
The sound is unbelievable !!
Thanks again.
Audi V8 Exhaust – October 2004 – Keith – UK
I thought I should send you a quick thank you for your firms help in having the system manufactured,
I have now got around to fitting it and it all went together well and sounds/looks good.
I will post your details on some Audi chat pages.
Thanks again.
Lamborghini Countach Sports Exhaust – September 2004 – Jean-Claude – Luxembourg
Finally it has happened... it is now installed on my 1984 5000 s, the stainless steel sports exhaust from QuickSilver.
First I (as a somewhat versatile self-made mechanic) I wanted to install it by myself, but refrained from it after a brief phone
conversation with my highly experienced mechanic (around 30 years in Lamborghini). I told him that according to Quicksilver the exhaust-
mounting should be "Plug and Play ". I could see the grinning through the line on the other side of the phone. - No way buddy -, he told me, it
will never fit, because not a single one he ever mounted onto a Lamborghini fitted as thought, not even those they are building
themselves for Murcielago and Diablo. Indeed, it didn’t fit, the 4 tubes that goes into the manifold and onto the exhaust were 5 to 7 inches too
long (which is far better then too short, but...). Reason: they were meant for the Anniversary Edition, which needs those longer
tubes because of the extended rear bumper. So we cut them of. They had the right length now but didn’t want to fit. So we had to red heat the
lower tube on the driver side and hammer 1 nice dent into it in order to pass it alongside the upper tube. Next the passenger side, the lower
tube fitted but the upper tube no way at all. After all this work done the mounting and adjusting of the exhaust itself was a children’s game.
By the way, the craftsmanship put onto this exhaust is remarkable, really highest standard and polished to a mirror.
Couldn`t be done better.
All in all it took two mechanics, an onlooker (me) and 3 hours of work to remove the factory exhaust and install the new one.
Now to the most important part of the game, the sound!
I just can say INCREDIBLE, worth every penny.
From outside the car at idle speed, a very, very deep grumbling sound which is increasing in tonality with the downgoing throttle,
but it will never yell like those sports exhaust I heard on some Murci`s or Diablos.
From distance and under throttle it reminds me the sound of those good old glorious Sterling plane-engines, a real pleasure
From the inside you only here the pleasure for up to 4000 RPM, then the only prevailing sound comes from those ever air and fuel swallowing and
hungry 6 double Webers.
The best way to get all the pleasure out of it is to drive it here in one part of Luxembourg (or elsewhere as the case may be ) through very
sinuous roads, with 10 to 20 meter high rocks on both sides of the road in 2nd and 3rd gear with windows open and aircon shut down.
WOW....The only thing which gives you more pleasure on earth is SEX, but then again only when you have a young and sexy woman at your side.
Luckily i have both, a sexy wife and my Countach (btw, got the wife long before the Countach, for those of you who might think......)
Lotus Elan Turbo S2 Sports Exhaust – August 2004 – Roland - UK
Hi there
My Elan exhaust has arrived and it looks very nice.
Thank you.
Ferrari 246 GT Sports Exhaust – August 2004 – Allan – New Zealand
Thank you, muffler arrived this morning.
Service doesn’t get much better than that!
Mini Cooper S Sports Exhaust – July 2004 – Brad - USA
I installed the exhaust last week.
It does sound very nice and the dual exhaust looks very sweet.
I also wanted to commend you for working with me on this. You have earned a customer for life.
Thank You very much.
Brad Mott (A very satisfied customer)
Mini Cooper S Sports Exhaust – July 2004 – Paul – USA
I was quite surprised to find the 'Supersports' system on my back porch this afternoon!
I very much appreciate your quick service
Mitsubishi L200 Exhaust – July 2004 – Tony - UK
Ford Scorpio Sports Exhaust – July 2004 – Olaf - Norway
Dear Madam or Sir!
First I want to excuse my written English!
I´m driving a Quicksilver exhaust-system with/at/on/under my Ford Scorpio 2,9i 12V (05/1991).
It looks an sounds great!!!
Bristol 400 Exhaust – June 2004 – Andrew - UK
Dear Paul,
The silencer is fitted and it works a treat.
Many thanks,
Mini Cooper S Sports Exhaust – June 2004 – John - USA
Dear Sirs,
About 6 months ago I purchased a Quicksilver header and cat- back exhaust for my Mini Cooper S.
I want everyone to know I have the finest exhaust system known for the Mini Cooper S.
Thank you!
Mercedes 300CE Exhaust – May 2004 – Hesham – Kuwait
Hello Paul,
I have received the system on Thursday 27th May 2004 and installed on the car the same day.
I’m very happy with it.
Best Regards
Mini Cooper S Sports Exhaust – May 2004 – Pete – USA
Dear Paul
The first system arrived today.
It is very handsome and interesting to say the least!
Range Rover Sports Exhaust – May 2004 – Steve - USA
The exhaust arrived un-damaged, thanks to whoever packed it , BUT I will have to charge the customer another half an hour labor for unpacking it ( just kidding ).
Anyway thanks for getting it to me so quickly!
Volvo 164 Exhaust – May 2004 – Andreas - Austria
I have already received the lot it fits perfect!
Thanks for your nice and very quick handling! I
I will recommend you and your company to people seeking for exhaust systems
Have a good one
Land Rover Sports Exhaust – April 2004 – Chris - UK
Thanks for the job which is excellent.
De Tomaso Mangusta Exhaust – April 2004 – Darryl - USA

Just a note to let you know that the Mangusta exhaust arrived safe and sound. It is quite simply beautiful!
It's rather a shame I have to bolt it inside the car where people cannot see it !
The craftsmanship is just superb.
I will be bolting it up to check the fit this weekend, but will not be starting the car until I finish some engine work. I'll let you know how it sounds.
Many thanks
Ferrari 400i Exhaust – March 2004 – José – Spain
Dear Paul,
Parcel arrived and exhaust was beautifully fitted yesterday.
It looks and sounds great!
Many thanks,
Ferrari Enzo Sports Exhaust – January 2004 – Randy - USA
Ferrari F355 Sports Exhaust – January 2004 – Mark - UK
Hi Paul.
Just wanted to drop you a note after the fitment of the Supersport exhaust to my F355 at the weekend...
The sound is perfect, good quality and it looks great too!
Really finishes the car off...
Many thanks.
Bond Bug Exhaust – January 2004 – Gwyn – UK
Dear Paul,
Thank you so much for your quick reply!
Thank you again for your 'fantastic' service.
Kindest regards,
Aston Martin DB4 Exhaust – November 2003 – Hideki – Japan
Dear Paul
Everything is perfect.
That is very good system.
If you come to the Japan, please stand by our office.
Thank you.
Mercedes Header – September 2003 – Matthew – USA
I would like to congratulate you on the fabulous looking exhaust header.
A true work of art and fine craftsmanship.
In my humble opinion.
Ferrari 330GT 2+2 Exhaust – August 2003 – Ichiro – Japan
Dear Mr Paul Goddard
My car (FERRARI 330GT 2+2) was saved with the wonderful work of Quicksilver.
On the occasion of fitting, it almost ended with bolt-on. This is a miracle.
Moreover, minor third interval of F also with an original pitch and G# was reproduced.
I was very impressed.
It turns out well that the work of Quicksilver is as original truly.
I am thankful to Quicksilver which sent the wonderful work to me, and the craftsman who made.
Honda Civic Sports Exhaust – July 2003 – Simon - UK
Dear Quicksilver
I have now installed the system on the vehicle and I am very pleased with the results, just a little louder when you want it to be, and you can feel the benefits of the straight through silencer in the mid-range.
Thanks once again for your help.
Range Rover Sports Exhaust – July 2003 – Andre – USA
Got it and installed it.......
Once installed, I brought it to the dealer and he took pictures of it and put it on his bulleting board for other customers to see.
He was impressed by the precise fit, quality and more specifically the looks.
Morgan +4 Sports Exhaust – July 2003 – Jim – USA
Silencer arrived in good order (great wrapping!) on 16 July.
Your estimate of shipping time was very accurate. It will be awhile before it is mounted, but I trust it will work well.
Thank you for fine service.
Ford Capri Exhaust – July 2003 – Phillipe - France
Hi Paul,
I receive the exhaust line yesterday and everything is ok.
Thanks for send it before my holidays.
A bientôt.
Renault Clio V6 Sports Exhaust – April 2003 – Max – UK
Just a quick note to express how pleased I am with the above.
It looks much, much better than the original part and the sound is excellent.
It has taken a week or so to become accustomed to the noise level but it really makes the most of the engine note.
I reckon performance is slightly better, the car just seems a little more urgent from a standing start and has a slight more in the mid-band.
All in all I am very impressed with the workmanship, looks, sound and service.
Fiat 130 Coupe Exhaust – March 2003 – Andrea – Italy
They are beautiful, now we check the sound!

Ford Consul Capri Exhaust – December 2002 – Emmanuel - France
I well received the exhaust system on Monday
Many thanks for your speedly service
Lamborghini Murcielago Sports Exhaust – November 2002 – Steven – USA
We are very pleased with your product and find it to be superior in quality to the Tubi we have been using in the past.
Please ship best way so that we may get as soon as possible.
Thank You Very Much.
Mazda Eunos / MX5 Sports Exhaust – November 2002 – Greg – UK
Just thought I'd drop you a line for sorting out my exhaust in especially quick time and getting it to my garage overnight.
There were no problems fitting it and it looks great.
I haven't managed to get the revs up yet to listen to the throb you promised me, but for a sports exhaust it is certainly very quiet at idle.
I shall recommend you to the club should anyone ask about Stainless Exhausts.
Best wishes
Lamborghini Diablo Sports Exhaust – October 2002 – Robert – USA
Installed the exhaust on the Diablo that I ordered from you last week.
The car sounds great and it took me about 4 hours to install it myself.
I am very pleased with the pipes and look forward to doing business with you in the future.
If you need to use me as a reference for other people in the U.S. you can give them my e-mail address.
Thank You
Ferrari F355 Sports Exhaust – September 2002 – Alyssa - USA
Thank you for your prompt response regarding the 355 manifolds for Mr. Jassy
Best regards,
Renault Espace Exhaust – September 2002 – Brendan - UK
The Exhaust arrived last week and fitted all OK.
Thanks for a good job
Opel Manta Exhaust – August 2002 – Jason – UK
I received the Opel Manta A SS Exhaust system today.
Looks nice!
Many thanks,
MGC Exhaust – June 2002 – Keith - UK
Exhaust arrived today looks superb
Many thanks
Look forward to
using you again in the future
Best wishes
Range Rover Sports Exhaust – June 2002 – Volker – Germany
Thank you very much for your effort.
We would also like to thank you very much for your nice contact with England.
As this was the first time that we have ordered goods over the internet, in spite of some initial scepticism, we are delighted about the possibility of ordering in this way.
Mercedes 280SL Exhaust – June 2002 – Michael – UK
Again, Great Service!
Ford Capri Exhaust – April 2002 – Phil – UK
I have just received my exhaust and it looks great.
Ford Capri Exhaust – March 2002 – Stėphane – France
Still thank you for all, I am very happy.
I recommend to you a friend in Switzerland who already has an order.
Your address will pass in the bulletin of my clubs.
Land Rover Exhaust – February 2002 – Tony – UK
Just a quick note to say thanks for the delivery of the exhaust to Horsham.
I am always dubious of buying without knowing the product beforehand or a recommendation.
I must admit that I am impressed: it is quiet (a good thing if you are towing miles with a caravan).
Looks smart.
And best accolade of all, The Garage fitting didn’t make complaining noises about not being able to fit it !!!
In fact they reckoned it was a better fit than the OEM fittings.
Ferrari 400 Auto Exhaust – March 2001 – Matt – UK
Just a quick note to say “Thank-you” for your swift & sterling service on the exhaust parts for my Ferrari 400, that arrived safely yesterday afternoon.
Fit perfectly, fabulous quality and sounds fantastic.
Many thank for shipping the parts out as quickly as you did.
A few people at the Ferrari Owners Club have asked me if I know a good exhaust supplier and I have mentioned you and definitely will do from now on!
Will contact you in the near future to purchase the remaining section I haven’t replaced.
Many thanks again for all your help.
Aston Martin DB7 Sports Exhaust – February 2001 – Roger – UK
Thanks for all your help!
Jaguar Mk 2 Exhaust – January 2001 – Erangith – Sri Lanka
This is just to say how thrilled I am with the exhaust system.
I am glad that I chose QuickSilver over others in spite of the hard sell and Hype by them.
Although I had some reservations using a large bore system – the installation itself was a breeze.
The exhaust note is something else - deep, smooth and truly satisfying – I can’t get over how good the ‘Cat’ sounds now.
Feels faster too.
Best wishes and a very happy new year.
Rover 3500 Exhaust – January 2001 & 1991 – Mr Heming – UK
I am enclosing the (full) Guarantee Card in respect of the exhaust system you made for one of my cars and which I purchased ten years ago.
The exhaust is checked annually at the same time as the MOT and, apart from replacing one rubber bracket earlier last year, it has proved eminently satisfactory.
Will you please send a new Guarantee Card ?
September 2000 - London
The Trident Trust wishes to thank QuickSilver Exhausts for invaluable support in helping young people prepare for adult life.
Lagonda Rapide Exhaust – August 2000 – Hans – Netherlands
Dear Mr Goddard
This is to tell you the exhaust arrived today in good order.
We have unpacked it and it looks beautiful.
Thank you for your excellent service
Mercedes 300SL Exhaust – June 2000 – Mr Gormley – UK
Dear Sirs
Just a short note to thank you for your fast, friendly and efficient service.
I had the exhaust fitted just before I drove my car over to Italy and the hum from the exhaust is fantastic.
Also, the exhaust looks great.
I would and will thoroughly recommend your service to people I know.
A special thank you to the fitter who fixed the exhaust within the hour.
Thank you again.
Land Rover Exhaust – November 1999 – Mr Fenhalls - UK
Thank you for the courtesy extended yesterday.
I am impressed by the care and attention that you paid to this job. It speaks volumes
Volvo 940 Exhaust - September 1999 – Anton – UK
Thank you for your help today.
Exhaust for the Volvo satisfactory
Suzuki Cappuccino Sports Exhaust – March 1999 – Romy – UK
Here is my opinion of QuickSilver. Unfortunately my little Cappo’s exhaust had to be replaced, so following the SCORE magazine’s advice I contacted them to check it out.
All I can say is that they were wonderful. The service was great and the enthusiasm for the car was overwhelming.
It took about about an hour to have fitted, so we went for breakfast and when we got back it was ready with a shiny new exhaust.
I have to say it is a relief to know I have a good quality exhaust that will probably outlast the car and it was money well spent.
Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet Sports Exhaust – November 1998 – Christian - France
Thanks for the quick delivery of the exhaust system which is now in place on the car.
Congratulations for this well made product.
Honda S800 Exhaust - October 1998 – Mr Beattie – Australia
Not only was the workmanship of your product impressive but it faithfully replicated in every way the exact dimensions of the Honda original and I am glad to say that it fitted perfectly without any trouble at all.
And when one takes into account the complicated nature of the original equipment this is no small achievement.
In closing I would like to commend your service to anyone who might be interested and I personally would have no hesitation in ordering a set for any make of car from you in future.
Marlin Berlinetta Exhaust – November 1997 – Malcolm – UK
Just a note from a new member …in the process of tidying up.
Got in touch with QuickSilver and Paul sorted this out.. and I now have a superb job.
Vauxhall Firenza Exhaust – March 1997 – Mr Andersen – Switzerland
The exhaust arrived 6th March.
It fitted perfectly.
Thank you
Fiat 130 Coupe Exhaust – November 1996 – Mr Cooper – UK
During my ownership of this car I have spent thousands with ‘experts’ trying to achieve a smooth ride including a reconditioned gearbox, balanced prop-shaft, wheel bearings, etc., all of which made no difference.
The fitting of the new exhaust (I had been assured that there was nothing wrong with the old system), was really the last resort.
So, a very big THANK YOU to you for solving what, in the end, was a simple obvious fault that took (me) less than an hour to cure.
Best regards
PS the exhaust is superb !
Rickman Ranger Exhaust – April 1993 – Mr Rutherford-Smith – UK
Thank you very much for the exhaust that you made for my Rickman.
The exhaust is now in place on the car and entirely satisfactory.
I am grateful to you for the quality of what you supplied.

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