Model Product Year System Web Site Price
4C Coupe and Spider Sport System with Resonator 2014-16 AR404S Web Site POA
4C Coupe and Spider SuperSport System 2014-16 AR405S Web Site POA
Giulia Quadrifoglio V6 Titanium Sport System w/ Active Valves 2017 on AR953T Web Site £7,900.00
Giulia Quadrifoglio V6 Sport System w/ Active Valves 2017 on AR954S Web Site £3,990.00
1900 Ti and Super Sprint Twin System 1953-59 AR001 Web Site £1,190.00
1900 and Super Single System 1951-54 AR024 POA
2000 - Sprint Spider System 1958-62 AR025 POA
2500 6C System 1939-51 AR032 POA
2600 1962-68 AR006 POA
Giulietta and Giulia System 1955-65 AR002 Web Site £851.00
Giulietta and Giulia Veloce Manifolds 1956-65 AR004 POA
Giulietta and Giulia Veloce System 1956-65 AR003 Web Site £796.00
GTV and Spider 2.0 3.0 3.2 Sport rear section 1995-05 AR066S Web Site £496.00